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Curated Lesson Resources- First Grade- Bones in the Body

The Skeletal System - Educational Video about Bones for KIds

Description: Shows the different bones in the body and where they are located.
Rational: This video highlights each bone(s) they are talking about and directs it straight to the skeleton!

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Description: Labeled bones in the skeleton.
Rational: This is a clear visual of the skeleton and it is labeled very clearly.

Description: This site gives great information about the different bones in the body.
Rational: Gives pictures, labels, and descriptions of the different parts of the body. Very kids friendly and colorful.

DK Find Out! | Fun Facts for Kids on Animals, Earth, History and more!

Description: Has a description of the human body and separates the parts of the body.
Rational: Very interactive, easy to navigate, and very age appropriate for elementary kids.

How the Body Works: Movies (for Kids) - KidsHealth

Description: This video describes what the bones do and how they help you in your everyday.
Rational: This video is very kid friendly and has bright colors. The characters are young like the student are and very relatable.

Description: This game has you label the bones in the body and assemble a skeleton.
Rational: ABCYa is a great learning tool for any elementary student. It is visual but also auditory and has great tools to help them learn!


Description: Allows you to place the bones in your body in the correct spot of the skeleton.
Rational: May be a little harder for first grade but great practice to hear the names of the bones and they can try and beat their high score and keep getting practice!

Sing-Along Kids: Dry Bones (Dem Bones) Lyrics in Description

Description: This song sings about what bones are connected to each other.
Rational: This song is fun and can get the kids up and dancing or singing along and we can come up with movement to it for them to remember the song!

Bones! Learn the bones of the human body!

Description: This song describes the bones in the body and where they are located.
Rational: It is very fun and catchy. It tells where the bones are located, what they are called and what they help you do!

How Do Bones Work? Human Skeleton Facts for Kids

Description: Talks about the function of bones and why we need them.
Rational: It is a kid that is describing why we need bones. It also is very bright and has great visual of the body and what they bones protect.