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Forensics - "solving the mystery" - 11/12 grade

Resources for a HyperDoc over a Forensics unit. Possible resources that could/will be used. Primarily STUDENT resources, for those in an anatomy/physiology class.

Gel Electrophoresis Interactive Labratory

Description: This link directs a student to a virtual lab over gel electrophoresis. This lab is interactive and walks a student through the process of "running a gel".
Rationale: I chose this interactive lab because "running a gel" in a lab is very intricate and expensive - using this interactive site is 1) a fantastic way to grasp an understanding on what is happening while running a gel and 2) the perfect way to practice.


Gel Electrophoresis Diagram

Gel Electrophoresis Diagram

Description: A drawing/diagram of a gel apparatus. Gives defining aspects to the activity, allowing for deeper understanding.
Rationale: This is KEY in understanding what gel electrophoresis is. Without a basic understanding of the "parts" and vocabulary, they activity is extremely difficult to understand and follow correctly. I think this is good for ALL learners, as it puts a "face" to a "name"

Gel Electrophoresis - Ameoba Sisters

Descriptions: This biotechnology video introduces gel electrophoresis and how it functions to separate molecules by size. Breaks everything down in an informative video.
Rationale: Everyone loves Amoeba Sister videos! This is very informative and easy to understand. While it may not be "grade-level" appropriate, I think it is a good starting ground to build knowledge on.

Gel Electrophoresis - Khan Academy

Description: A more detailed video of the electrophoresis process. This is a step-by-step demonstration, that is illustrated by the "author".
Rationale: Visual and auditory learners will love this. This is drawn out in a very detailed manner. Since this is primarily words spoken and pictures drawn, it would be a good place to check students on their understanding. Going to be a more grade appropriate video.

Gel Electrophoresis Experiment

Description: An in-class experiment using gel electrophoresis. Gives a play-by-play and also uses subtitles to provide explanation.
Rationale: This all makes more sense when it is seen! This video puts the size of the apparatus into play and brings everything to life. This will be ideal before the class does their own gel experiment, as this is a tricky process.

Defining Gel Electrophoresis

Definition: This is a website with a solid definition of what gel electrophoresis is and what it is used for. It is a more "in-depth" definition and helps set the stage for the remainder of the lesson. This is a term students HAVE to know and be aware of.
Rationale: I know vocabulary is usually frowned upon, but of all the terms that could be applied in this unit, this one is THE most important. This is a complex process and the term gel electrophoresis includes MANY different aspects. This helps give students a basic understanding of the lesson.

What is gel electrophoresis? | Facts |

Description: This is a link to a website that really breaks down gel electrophoresis and how it is used. LOVE THIS. It discusses the steps of the process, how it related to DNA, and much more.
Rationale: This is informative, yet easy to understand. All of the points are bulleted, making it easier and more appealing to the student. There are also links inside of this website that allow students to click and explore other terms or related topics. I think this website is easy to understand and does get the "point" across, thus making it a great resource.

Guide to Interpreting Resluts

Description: This website gives awesome insight on what to expect and/or look for when the gel electrophoresis is completed. It observes the factors in discrepancy, as well, which is important!
Rationale: To complete the assignment/activity, there are precautions that need to be taken and this site lists the main ones. When doing ANY experiment, you have to be aware of the errors that could happen and how to avoid those things, so it is necessary to have a resource that will 1) remind students of that and 2) serve as a checklist for the activity .

Electrophoresis: How to Read Results

Description: A video explaining how to read gel electrophoresis results, rather than just typing it out.
Rationale: Some students are going to do perfectly find by reading a text that describes how to interpret data. Some are going to find that difficult and get bored with the concept. This video gives great explanation on how to read results, as well as some helpful ways to remember how it is done & create a mental image.

Gel Electrophoresis and Criminals

Description: A video explaining how forensic investigators use DNA fingerprinting at a crime scene to identify the culprit.
Rationale: This is for the students who ask, "okay, but how is this used in the real world," and, "why do we need to know this." It is a short video, that is below the grade-level, but it does answer the question in a timely manner.