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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 of The Craziest Cocktails in Bangkok – Hazy days of indulgence

Bangkok can be a veritable party town for night owls on the lookout for a gala time. Here are 5 of the craziest cocktails in town.


The Mori Sling

A close cousin of the Singapore Sling, Mori Sling is a sweet and herb infused cocktail. Sipping a Mori Sling while you check out the scintillating view of the city from a rooftop bar Bangkok is an idyllic way to start a night out. Watch a skilled mixologist delicately pour Bacardi carta blanca into a shaker infused with egg whites, simple syrup, jasmine tea and a splash of lime. Shake, shake, shake and in goes drops of basil oil. They serve the drink with white chocolate cubes covered in thyme salt. Take dainty bites of white chocolate followed by sips of Mori Sling to savour the creamy texture of the drink that complements the sweet and fresh flavours. Most restaurant bars such as the SEEN Restaurant & Bar Bangkok offer the Mori Sling to customers.


Tom Yum Siam

Even though Thailand's spicy Tom Yum soup inspired the Tom Yum Siam, the drink is not as potent as the tongue biting soup. Aptly, the cocktail contains vodka stirred with lemongrass, a sprinkle of ground chili and of course lychee syrup to sedate the spiciness. The fruity sweetness of lychee syrup perfectly balances the bite of chili. Lemongrass adds flavour and fragrance reminiscence of Tom Yum soup.


Bakkwa Old Fashioned

Fans of Mad Men would know the appeal of a perfectly good 'Old Fashioned' from the decadent 60s. Bangkok's Bakkwa Old Fashioned brings in its own characteristic to the mix. It is an aromatic cocktail, but the condiments do not over power the taste. The salty-sweet bakkwa taste magical with the cocktail. Infused with rosemary, a dash of chili, cinnamon syrup orange peel and sesame oil, there is bourbon in the cocktail with equal parts of angostura and orange bitter. Approach the first sip with caution. If you find the aromatic touch overpowering, toss the rosemary. You can even pair the cocktail with pizza.


The Oolong and Orange Sour

The citrusy and refreshing Oolong and Orange Sour is a great starter. Made with orange peel infused bourbon mixed with orange syrup, egg white and a squeeze of lemon, the cocktail is served in a tea cup. You'll find a tiny serving of cured salted lime beside your cupful of Oolong and Orange Sour. The foamy, creamy texture of egg whites goes well with the citrusy profile of the drink. Cured lime enhances the flavour and you can feel the drink stirring your taste buds awake to begin a gastronomic adventure.


The Siam Mary

Bangkok's own version of Bloody Mary sometimes comes in silver tankards. You could order the cocktail to cure a hangover or simply to begin your evening of indulgence. True to the original version, the Siam Mary's base ingredient is tomato juice. They add fiery Thai chili, a bit of wasabi to add a touch of Japan, a bunch of coriander and lemongrass to heighten the flavour profile.

This beverage consist of wasabi, Thai chili, basil, lemongrass, coriander and tomato juice is served in a genuine shiny stein. The piquant Siam Mary, introduced to commemorate the opening of the St. Regis Bangkok, is the local form of the brand's signature Bloody Mary.