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Updated by Brittany Tarrant on Nov 10, 2019
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Curated Lesson Resources - Music Genres/Eras

Ludwig van Beethoven

This website includes lots of information on Beethoven, including a great biography. I chose this website because it is focused on Beethoven, and it includes lots of pictures and information, additionally it is fitting for High school.

Noteflight - Online Music Notation Software

Noteflight is a free online notation software program which will allow students to create their own music. I chose Noteflight because often it is easier and neater to use a notation software than to write by hand--it also has a playback feature so students don't have to be able to play piano to hear what they've written.

Introduction to the Instruments of the Orchestra

This video takes students through the instruments of the orchestra. I chose this video because it shows real instruments (not just drawings) and shows young people playing them.

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Iván Fischer

This is my favorite Beethoven symphony--a video like this is a great way to introduce students to a full concert without having to attend. I chose it to give students not only an audio experience, but a visual one as well.

The Making of a Steinway - A Steinway & Sons Factory Tour Narrated by John Steinway

This is a short documentary-style video showing how Steinway pianos (really, any piano) are made. I chose this video because it's interesting to see how things are made, not just focusing on the finished product.

A detailed explanation of why Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 is an unassailably epic work of genius

ClassicFM has a somewhat approachable way of describing music. Here, they discuss Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto. I chose this page because the piece is a great example of a piano concerto, and the page is fun with lots of visuals (even the occasional GIF).

Fascinating Insights into BEETHOVEN's Symphony No. 7 in A major, op. 92

This page is basically program notes for Beethoven's 7th. I chose this page because the notes are very detailed, and it will give students an opportunity to ask questions about what some things mean.

IMSLP has a huge collection of public domain sheet music. Here, students can view for free an amazing array of music. I've chosen Beethoven's Piano Concerto 4, because we are discussing symphonies and concerti.

Krystian Zimerman - Beethoven - Piano Concerto No 4 in G major, Op 58

Here is a video recording of one of my favorite pianists playing Beethoven's Piano Concerto 4. I'v chosen this concerto because it was one of the first to have a soloist introduction.

Like the Beethoven Piano Concerto from IMSLP, this is Rach's 2nd piano concerto. Students can look at the score for free. I chose this so that students can compare and contrast the score of the Rachmaninoff concerto and the Beethoven Concerto.