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Curated Lesson Resources- Basketball

Where Basketball was Invented: The History of Basketball | Springfield College

This article give the History of Basketball. I chose this article because it gives a good description of the history of Basketball, and is easy for readers to follow along and find certain information.

11 Fun Basketball Games for Kids Besides H-O-R-S-E | ACTIVEkids

This article/presentation gives just some different fun games you can play within the actual game of basketball. This is important because students should not only need to know how to play regular basketball but other variations of the sport as well.

The Basic Rules of Basketball | Basketball

This video visually represents the rules of Basketball. It is important to have a video because some people learn visually, so this help as student are able to see how what the rules are as well as the court.

Basket and Ball - Play it now at

This is a fun interactive game. It is important for students to be able to interact, and see what the objective is and actually try, before playing the game or activity.

History of Basketball Flashcards | Quizlet

This Quizlet gives some questions about the history of basketball. It's important because there are multiple ways to study on Quiz let, which helps students to not just learn one direct way.

Fundamentals Of Shooting

This shows an explanation of how to correctly shoot a basketball. This is important for students overall success, because if they are going to participate in something and learn something they need to learn how do it the right way.

Basketball Basic Rules

This article gives a simple description of how to play basketball. This is important because students can read on how to play the game as well as see images that go along with the reading to help engage students and allow them to comprehend better.

Episode 62 – The History of Basketball with James Naismith Grandson Jim Naismith – Hardwood Hustle

This is a podcast about the history of Basketball and the man who invented it. This is important because students can listen rather than just read which for some students is easier to stay focused.

The History of Basketball timeline | Timetoast timelines

This is a interactive timeline that shows some key dates in the history of basketball. This is important because students can interact with the timeline and go at their own pace which will help them comprehend better.

This is a presentation about the history of Basketball. This is important because it mainly shows photos of how basketball was first played and it gives little descriptions to allow students to understand in multiple ways.