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Curated Lesson Resources- The Ocean(third grade)

This is a great place for students to find all sorts of different resources and information pertaining the ocean.

Under the Sea Animals - Easy Science Facts for Kids About Under the Sea Animals

Description: This website is a great place for students to click around and learn more about plants and animals that live in the ocean.
Rationale: I chose this website because it is easy to maneuver, colorful, and gives a lot of great visual and information on ocean life.

What Lives At The BOTTOM Of The Mariana Trench?

Description: This video takes a look at some of the unique creatures that live deep in the bottom of the ocean.

Rationale: I chose this video because I thought it would peek the interest of students and allow them to learn about a unique set of creatures that maybe thy have never heard of or seen before. It also is great for students who are visual learners.

Explain to Kids: The Ocean - LittleLives

Description: This website explains the different ocean zones and creatures that live in the ocean.

Rationale: I chose this website, because it explains the zones of the ocean and uses a lot of pictures and videos to give a visual correlation to what being talked about.

the ocean layers explained for kids - Bing video

Description: This video describes the different layers of the ocean.

Rationale: I chose this video because it was kid friendly, and covered the topic very well.

Ocean facts! | National Geographic Kids

Description: This article gives 10 simple facts about the ocean that maybe students don't know.

Rationale: Although this article is mostly words, I still chose to incorporate it, because it gave a lot of great facts that weren't too long or hard to comprehend.

World: Continents and Oceans - Map Quiz Game

Description: This website allows students to play a game that involves locating where each of the oceans are on a world map.

Rationale: I chose this website, because it allows students to visually see and physically test themselves on their understanding of location(when it comes to the different oceans).

Ocean Animals Memory Game - Match The Memory

Description: This website takes students to a memorization game involving sea creatures, in which they must memorize the placement and match.

Rationale: I chose to use this game, because although it is not testing students on their knowledge of the animals, it is a good brain break that still gets them thinking about the ocean.

Description: This is a jeopardy game where students will be split into teams and asked questions pertaining the ocean.

Rationale: I chose to incorporate this game, because it is a fun way for students to apply there knowledge in a way that is not a paper and pen test.

"Under the Ocean Blue!" - Free Books & Children's Stories Online | StoryJumper

Description: This is an online picture book that allows students to virtually flip through the pages to discover information on different animals.

Rationale: Although this book may seem a little too young for 3rd graders, I believe that it is a great way for student to be interactive and also learn new facts about the animals we talk about. This could also tur into a lesson where students will turn around and create their own book based off of all the information they leaned and this book above would be a good example.

audio of sea creattures communicating - Bing video

Description: This is a video that talks about how whales, dolphins, and more animals communicate with one another!

Rationale: I chose this video, because it is very informative and allows students to focus more on hearing how these animals communicate.

image of the diffent zones of the ocean and the animals that live in thoe zones - Bing images

Description: This is a picture of the ocean zones and the animals that live within side of those different zones.

Rationale: I chose this picture, because it was the perfect visual representation of the separation of zones and the different animals that coincide in that zone.