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What is the use of google webmaster tool

Google webmaster tool now known has google search console tool.Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by Google that allows you to track and monitor the performance of your website in Google search results. Its give information about your pages index on website,detail information about most popular keywords and links that are pointing towards your website.It is free tool you can use it for monitoring the performance of your website. The use of google webmaster tool is explained below.


What is the use of google webmaster tool

What is the use of google webmaster tool

Google webmaster tool now known has google search console tool.Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by Google that allows you to track and monitor the performance of your website in Google search results. Its give information about your pages index on website,detail information about most popular keywords and links that are pointing towards your website.It is free tool you can use it for monitoring the performance of your website. The use of google webmaster tool is explained below.

Benefits of Google Webmaster Tool

You can track the performance of your site in Google's search results.
Submit new content so that it can be crawled.
It help to index our web pages quickly on google search result
Remove content that you do not want to appear in the search results
Check if your site is effected with malware and spams and remove them
Check if there is broken link in website
You can see which queries and keyword are used to search your website in the search result.
Total number of clicks and impression on your website
Clicks and impressions are coming from which location
Total Clicks and impressions are coming from which devices for ex mobile,desktop and tablet.
Clicks and Impression coming on which date
Which Pages of your website received more clicks and impressions.
You can submit sitemap of your website which will help for indexing
Remove broken links of your website by using disavow tool.
Check External Links and Internal Links on your website
Top Linking Sites on your website
Does your mobile site perform well for users searching on mobile devices
We can also target Particular country for traffic Purpose
If you want certain pages of your website not to crawl then you can use robot.txt.


Benefits of off Page SEO

Benefits of off Page SEO

There are many people who are just starting to blog and many People have run their own site for a while,they don’t know what SEO is and how to implement it .SEO stands for Search engine optimization It is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, increasing visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

SEO is divided in two separate categories : On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do on your website to help you rank higher, such as page titles, internal linking, meta tags & descriptions, etc.

What is Off Page SEO
Off-page SEO refers to actions taken outside of your own website to effect your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). Off-page SEO focuses on increasing the Domain authority of your domain through the act of getting links from other websites.

The biggest off-page SEO factor is the number and quality of back links to your website. Some examples of ways you can build links to your website are:

Content is king so Creating nice content that people want to link to because it is valuable.
Social media shares of your content can generate links to your website
Guest blogging on top DA Sites. These guest posts will generate links back to your site.

Why is Off-Page SEO important

  1. SEO is important for the increase in page ranking. Off-page SEO help the website to get better page rank. Page ranking is a strategy of Google search engine to give more relevant search result.It lies in 0-9. The better the rank of the page, the important the website will be for the search engine.

  2. Off-page optimization of website help to rank higher in search engine result page. High rank in search result means higher traffic to the website.

  3. It is important for more business exposure. Higher ranking brings more links, more visits, and more social media mentions. It grows up continuously and never goes down. Help your business to be an established and well-known brand.


How to Increase Traffic on Website

How to Increase Traffic on Website

Web Site traffic is more important of business development.If you want more sales then you must need more traffic and visitors to your website.So we can say that more traffic on your website there will be more sales.

There are various way available to get traffic on your website ,here i m going to share some tips which will help you to increase traffic on your website.

1.Content : Content is the king.Make content of your website more interesting and reliable ,so that visitors will be more attracted to your website.Always use good quality content for your website.Use relevant keywords for your contents to find out yout site easily on search engines like Google or Yahoo. This will boost up both of your site traffic & SEO more fastly.

  1. Keyword - As we know keyword play the most important role to reach on your website by using keywords. Try to find out best and most useful keywords on your website.Use keyword planner tools like Google keyword Planner Tool

  2. Use social Media platforms for promoting : Post your site’s content on Social media to gain more followers for your website.Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Tumbler-are the best social media platforms to publish your contents.If possible promote them by paid method to gain more visitors at a time Also if possible,you can try paid promotions for your contents.
    To attract more visitors and followers on your site you should follow this steps.

First you need to create a account on all social media sites.
Try to put name, image, cover image related to your business or brand, so that people can understand to easily what is your business about.
Share your website link on each social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
Facebook Groups - Join relevant groups and post images or articles related to your business.
Fan Page - Create a fan page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
While posting on social media always share link of our site..Always you short link of your site when you share on social media. This below tools will help you to shorten your website link 1.Bitly Tool 2. Smallseotools 3.Tiny tool
Google - Make your business available on google maps and google+ to get your brand seen.
Add your all social media tab on your website.
Many blogger and digital marketer having a huge traffic from social media sites.
Answer the public - Answer the questions related to your field. You may use Yahoo answers and Quora.

4. Blogs - Writing a blog is good a idea to market your small business. A Blog should be on a regular basis. It should be semantic, Interesting and Meaningful. Write at least 2 or 3 blogs in a week.

5 Images : Use attractive images & make your site layout also beautiful to make visitors interested to visit your sitepages.

  1. Email marketing - Sending emails to existing and new clients quite cool and it also maintains a good relationship between you and your clients on a long term.

  2. Bulk SMS - Bulk SMS trending now a days. It is an effective way to market your business. You can easily reach to potential clients. It is considered a class oriented marketing. It is the most cost effective marketing.

  3. SEO - Search engine optimization cannot be avoided in the world of constant googling. It helps to generate traffic to your website.Seo is a one of the most important techniques, while using on page seo and off page seo you can increase huge traffic as well as a number of backlinks for your website.

  4. PPC : Even though you are not having traffic then you should be try to use Ppc paid service for your website, within a few days traffic will start coming on your website.

10.Off page seo- it will give you huge traffic, backlinks to your website apart from if you are not having a good rank then off page seo techniques will help to you much more.


How to Increase Domain Authority

How to Increase Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority
Domain authority is not the same as page authority, although they are both ranked from 0-100. Domain authority gives you the ranking of the site as a whole, whereas page authority is the score of a specific single page. Domain authority is constant across the whole site, but page authority can change from page to page within a domain.

How Domain Authority is Calculated
The Domain Authority is Calculated by considering all link which are linking root domain,the number of total links including internal links,Outer links and Quality Back links. Moreover Mozrank and Moztrust score also determined for calculating domain authority.

Domain Authority Formula =
Quality content + Internal and External Linking + Site Loading Speed

  • Social Popularity - Toxic Links - High Bounce Rate

What is Good Domain Authority Score
Domain Authority - between 40 to 50 is considered average
Domain Authority - between 50 to 60 is considered good
Domain Authority - over 60 is considered excellent

Steps to Increase Domain Authority ( DA )
Pick a Domain name that is relevant to your niche

Optimize On page Seo including the title tags,Image alt tags and the content
Always keep the content which has high quality and use Unique Content that people will Link to it.
Website should be mobile friendly
Remove bad and broken links from website by running audit
Always include internal link in your page
Create Linkable content
Check your Domain Authority score on open site explorer by entering your website URL.
Make sure your website loads fast to reduce bounce rate
Do content promotion via Social Media like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Snap chat.
Don't forget to increase page authority as well.


What is backlinks and how to get backlinks in SEO

What is backlinks and how to get backlinks in SEO

What are the Backlinks

Backlinks is a link from another website to your website. Backlinks can also be called hyperlinks,incoming links or inbound links.Incoming links to the website is called backlinking and that can be done via Article Submission, Classified Submission,Q & A Forum Submission,Forum Submission,PDF Submission,PPT Submission,Social Sharing.

Following are the factors that shows how are backlinks important in SEO:-

1. Google uses backlinks to determine how popular and reputable your site is, so, it is really important to have good backlinks.

  1. Google spiders use backlinks to find, crawl and index pages on your website. So, backlinks are way more important than you think as it help google bots to find new pages on the web.

  2. Backlinks are also important because they boost credibility. Google won’t trust a website that doesn’t get any traffic, and backlink do that for you, they drive traffic to your site.

To increase quality backlinks for your website you have to do following mention task:

  1. Content base Quality Submission: We will submit the content like Blogs, Articles, Classified Ads, PPT’s, PDF’s and other SEO Content on number of websites with High PR and Trust Rank that can help us to getting the ranking and traffic for the Website.

  2. Competition Submission: we will submit our Website Links on those Quality Websites from where our Competition is getting back links, traffic and ranking. This can help us to defeat our competitors in many factors.

  3. WikiHow Submission: WikiHow is the website that can help us to get the traffic by Indirect Promotion. We will upload the “How to” knowledge based content on this website and in our website case we can write so much content on “How to” basis. This is the best tool we can utilize to increase the traffic on our Website.

  4. Business Listing: To benefit your online presence and attract new customers, businesses need to set up their listings on high quality websites like Yellow Pages, Super pages, Manta and Yelp. Consumers recommend businesses to each other via social networks, use local websites and mobile apps to see how others review a business, and use search engines to get the business’ contact information.

  5. Video marketing: Submission of videos on top high quality and U.K based video portals to generate the brand awareness and business traffic.

  6. Creating Channels on Blog Posting Websites: Here by we will create a channel on different high PR blog websites like Wordpress, Blogspot etc. Many of the users use to find the information by blogs. If a blog channel is having an attractive template and have the some useful information then it will ultimately leads to increase in subscribers and targeted keywords can also rank high on Google SERP.

  7. Classified Ads: Every region has its own classified ad posting websites. Users looking for different services search there relevant queries on local classified ad websites. So in this we will post classified ads on high quality local websites to promote our business services for exp Free Classified Ads Online etc.