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With an experience of 10 years into blogging I have realised that writing is not just stitching words. It is about connecting the dots of millions and millions of unspoken words in the most creative manner possible. Writing also has helped me in self-discovery and has helped me in understanding some of the most complicated genres.

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Online learning has changed drastically over the years. From the time when the University of Illinois created an intranet for their students to the current world where you can learn almost anything online, we have come a long way. Millions of students now sign up for an online programs.

Studying for an online course is neither easy nor interesting. And that is probably why so many students quit midway. That said, some manage to stick to their plan and complete their course successfully.

A recent research paper studying the effects on online trolling found that the CNN removes one in five comments because they’re vile, abusive, and violating community guidelines. Studies have found that perfectly normal people can take to trolling under certain circumstances.

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It’s natural for one’s health to deteriorate as they get older. Medical conditions like heart disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis can reduce one’s ability to move freely and stay balanced.

Pregnancy is a wonderful and blessed time in your life. But for all the magic happening inside you, there are a few difficulties you’ll encounter along the way. For one, heartburn and mood swings are to be expected. Sleepiness is also common during pregnancy.

Unlocking your phone is now legal and allowed. In fact, we suggest that users should unlock their device. To the uninitiated, carrier locked phones are devices that have a software lock placed by manufacturers.

Why This Ethnic Clothe Become So Much Popular

Indian traditional clothes called ethnic fashion by fashion designers and in just ethnic fashion many clothes are come like sarees, lehengas, salwar kameez etc all these are the main category of clothes there are the many variations available in each and every category like salwar kameez has lots of variations available like Stylish Anarkali Salwar Kameez, Palazzo Salwar kameez, Pakistani Style Salwar Kameez, Patiala Punjabi Dress etc.

The Difference Between a Computer Technician and Engineer

Computer engineers design and test new and more efficient hardware for computing devices while computer engineers repair, fix, and service computing devices for customers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends that Will Leave Them Stunned

Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians. Christians celebrate this festival with much pomp and gaiety. On December 25 of every year, this festival is celebrated. It was on this day that the Lord Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ was born. On this day people decorate their houses very well.

Celebrate this New Year Eve with Most Popular Cakes

As we all know, the New Year is around the corner, and everyone is busy with the preparation of the New Year party. It is the celebration when people express their feelings towards their loved ones by giving beautiful New Year gifts.

4 Icons That Inspired Pop Culture Merchandise

Audrey Hepburn’s sought-after gowns, necklaces, and sunglasses, as well as Madonna’s extravagant costume couture, underscore the reality that some celebrities and TV series eventually achieve cult status, inspiring thousands of fans along the way.

Days Of Valentine Week And Gift For Valentine Day

Valentine's Day is not the same in all parts of the world, each country has its customs and ways of celebrating. Western culture has coalesced on Valentine's party, a cluster of ancient customs, many ritualized, designed to celebrate, promote, and praise the love of the couple.

3 Tips To Find Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

With 43% of online retail sales in the United States in 2016 going through Amazon, there’s no doubt that it is one of the largest online retailers in the world. It’s not just buyers, but sellers too prefer Amazon.

Differences Between the Industrial, Residential & Commercial Electrician

Electricians work for the electrical wiring and supply of electricity. Three types of electricians are found for different sectors namely industrial, residential, and commercial electrician. Their job is to investigate the problems and fix the issues along with improving the power supply for different respective sectors.

UPW Birmingham 2020 event with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, number-one New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and the nation's number one Life and Business Strategist. Tony has been researching, modeling, and training some of the world's top accomplishments and experts across a wide range of disciplines and fields.

Top Project Recovery Techniques in the Construction Industry

Almost all projects face delays. Then what makes all the difference? The way you deal with the impending threats does. When your construction project begins, you sit together with all parties, decide the terms and responsibilities of each party associated with the project.

How to Remove Watermark Logo From PDF Files – Erase Image Watermarks

Do you want to get rid of image watermark in your PDF file? Is it difficult to understand the content within the PDF due to hard images or logo’s over the PDF page? Are you aware on how to remove watermark logo from PDF document? If your answer is a NO for any among these queries, stick to this article and find methods to resolve it.

Why Choose the Best Jewelry Stores for Buying Statement Pieces?

A woman may have the idea about the kinds of jewelry she wants to invest in, but she may wonder where to buy from. When it comes to buying jewelry, it is always important to find out the best jewelry stores that can provide you with the latest designs and trending styles of jewelry.

The Essence of Modern Fashion

Fashion in 70s, 80s and earlier used to be definitive compared to now. Everyone was wearing similar clothes and matching hairstyles, with only limited variations. Modern fashion is not about following a certain trend and just going with the flow; today it is a lifestyle chosen by individuals to define their personality and express their beliefs.

Become Your Favourite Halloween Character With Special Effect Coloured Contact Lenses

Halloween is surely the craziest period of the year. The fun, extreme craziness and freaky costume are all part of Halloween fun. When Halloween comes along, you have total freedom to do whatever you want. And if you are thinking it cannot get any better than that then the Halloween coloured contacts wholesale are the perfect ingredient to spice up your favourite event of the year.

4 Reasons Why People Prefer Silver Jewelry

Our obsession with valuable metals like gold and silver isn’t anything new. For thousands of years, humans have revered these metals and even considered them to be sacred. The ancient Greeks were among the first few to discover silver’s antibacterial properties, and they used silver to heal wounds and manage diseases.

5 Things to Make you Drool Over Angel Wings

Angel wings are almost loved by every woman. In the UK market, angel wings have made place with its class and elegance. Women’s regular dresses have less charm and elegance. Women are usually allured by stunning and fascinating designs. Angel wings are one of them. Nowadays, people are being judged by their appearance.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is also an integral part of a marriage ceremony as dress of the bride and this auspicious occasion does not seem to be complete without at least one. Newlywed couples often select a dessert for this event through mutual agreement. A professionally customized cake of this kind is usually covered with eye-catching frosting that looks especially elegant.

  • With an experience of 10 years into blogging I have realised that writing is not just stitching words. It is about connecting the dots of millions and millions of unspoken words in the most creative manner possible. Writing also has helped me in self-discovery and has helped me in understanding some of the most complicated genres.

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