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7 Things We Wish We Knew Before We Went to the Maldives - Seven Facts Every Traveller Should Know before Visiting the Ma

Tipped to be Asia's favourite honeymoon destination, the island paradise of Maldives is a dream holiday hub for the masses. Here are 7 things every traveller should know before heading to the country.


It's Made Up Entirely of Islands

There's no such thing as a mainland when it comes to the Maldives as the entire country is an archipelago made up of more than a thousand tiny islands. The exact number of islands is around 1190 and the tropical beauty and serene beaches of all of its islands are as pristine as a Hawaiian or Caribbean island. Varying in size and scale some Maldivian islands are so small they are not even visible on Google Maps. Most of the country's islands also remain uninhabited with only a handful of islands devoted to housing fishing and farming communities. As the country with the lowest altitude on the planet, the Maldivian islands are also located a mere 2m above sea level.


It's an Islamic Nation

While all the Maldivian travel brochures may not shout it from the rooftops, the country is one of the only countries in the world with an almost 100% Islamic population. Only Saudi Arabia can claim such numbers outside of the Maldives so travellers must be aware of the cultural norms in the islands before visiting on holiday. Although travellers are unlikely to encounter any issues the period of Ramadan will see the country shut down in a manner of speaking due to the nationwide fast that takes place during this time of year. This means shops, restaurants and other businesses will be closed for several hours for prayers and one will not be able to eat and drink in public during the daytime.


Resort Isles Have Different Rules

The islands in the Maldives are so small that one island can only encompass one resort or hotel and each of the resenter link description hereort isles have their own rules and regulations when it comes to vacation practices. Nude sunbathing and nudity as a whole is unacceptable in all Maldivian resorts while wearing bathing suits that are too skimpy or revealing will also cause unnecessary drama on holiday. Certain resort isles will also have more eco-friendly waste disposal policies while others will be less environmentally conscious. It is, therefore, crucial to read online reviews and gauge the nature of each Maldives luxury resort one is considering whether it's the Kandolhu Maldives or any other resort base.


Timing is Important

Although there's no such thing as a bad time to visit the Maldives, the best time to visit the country generally falls between the months from November to April. The weather is not only ideal during this period but nearly every type of outdoor activity and excursion is also available.


PDA and Alcohol are Banned

Public displays of affection such as kissing and hugging are faux pas according to local culture so visitors should refrain from any risqué behaviour outside their villas and resort islands.


Male is a Cultural Highlight

Many tourists heading to the Maldives spend most of their time in their resort islands and outer atolls and only head to Male for their departure flight or upon arrival in the country. Male, however, is an attraction in its own right and is home to countless cultural attractions including the Grand Friday Mosque, Sultan Park, the National Museum and Republic Square.


Water Sports is Where It's At

With excellent conditions for engaging in a plethora of water sports activities all year round, a Maldivian holiday without water sports is an opportunity missed. From surfing, Stand Up Paddling, scuba diving, snorkelling to jet skiing and windsurfing, the choices are seemingly endless.

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