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Teaching folks how to improve their business and personal lives in a disconnected dot com world.

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Funny, Yet Something to Ponder...

From 1999 thru 2004, I was in steady "work on me" mode. I'd been introduced to personal development and, even though I'd gone in at the beginning kicking and screaming, I eventually figured out which parts I enjoyed and "bought into", which authors and speakers could explain the stuff to me in a language I could understand, and which areas I either wasn't ready for or thought was for those "fluff-i-nutter" types.

Why Getting Personal is Important | Dare to Get Personal

Blog post at Dare to Get Personal : Do you have a business you'd like to grow? Do you have areas of your personal life that could use some work? Would you like to see your kids[..]

It’s Time to Start Asking for Time & Support | Dare to Get Personal

Blog post at Dare to Get Personal : Today is my Day 2 of Tiffany Dow's Freaking Awesome Blog & List Building Challenge. I was going to write about something completely diff[..]

A Gift for the Blog Challenge Participants | Dare to Get Personal

Blog post at Dare to Get Personal : Hey gang. I started working on something yesterday. It initially started as something that I wanted to do for myself during this challenge b[..]

It’s The Stories That Make People Remember! | Dare to Get Personal

Blog post at Dare to Get Personal : It's funny. I've never minded sharing about myself... on MY terms. Meaning that if I met someone that I liked and trusted, I wasn't so priva[..]

Do You Know If You Suck? | Dare to Get Personal

Blog post at Dare to Get Personal : If you don't know who you are and what your strengths are, then you're leaving yourself open to feeling bad and beating yourself up over a s[..]

Not Everyone Will Like Your Stuff… So Get OK With That | Dare to Get Personal

Blog post at Dare to Get Personal : I recently did a Do You Know if You Suck post about how we, as humans, have gotten into a habit of downgrading our talents, skills and nat[..]

The Other Side of Multi-Tasking | Dare to Get Personal

I didn't get my post up like I'd planned yesterday. In fact, I don't think I got ANYTHING done that I'd planned yesterday! And it's not like something happened that I had to take care of instead. It was me... just me. I got in my own way.

Stop Procrastinating or Find a Work Around!

Oh my gosh! I swear I have no clue how people who procrastinate ever get ANYTHING in their lives in order!! I've spent years giving my son ideas of how to work within his "procrastination" boundaries. I'd like to say it's for his benefit but honestly, it's for MY sanity!

How Long Until You Quit?

I was searching for some information on my computer this week and ran across an email I'd gotten back when I was with my previous company. As a top earner in the company, people were regularly emailing for assistance and asking lots of questions at events. That was always one of my favorite things...

A Visual Way to Stay On Track & Improve Productivity

Last week I was frustrated about getting to the end of my day without having completed the tasks I'd set out to do in the morning. It was time to start asking myself some questions. Since there wasn't anyone around, I knew it was something I was doing that wasn't working and not some outside distractions.

Stubborn or Persistent? Call it What You Want... It Gets the Job Done!

My friends and family call it being stubborn. The personal development people call it persistence. I don't care what it's called... it gets the job done for me every time! I've spent the past week and a half working on getting my website updated, my shopping cart in place and my affiliate program set up.

Have You Lost Your Will to Fight?

Without going into a ton of info, I got ticked off today because my sweetheart seems to have lost his will to fight. Don't get me wrong. He's one of those guys who does everything he can to avoid conflict.