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Updated by HydroChem Water Specialists on Apr 28, 2020
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HydroChem Water Specialists

Hydrochem: Top Australian Company For Water System Disinfection

HydroChem is a company that offers high-quality water treatment services, across Australia. Begun as a small family-owned company, today, it is staffed by 200 people across Australia, ranging from Perth and Sydney to Adelaide and Darwin. For more details, Visit the HydroChem official website.

Choose HydroChem for Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Services in Australia

HydroChem provide quality water treatment solutions for commercial and industrial sectors throughout Australia. Want to know more about HydroChem pharmaceuticals water management services, Contact HydroChem Water Specialists for the efficient and reliable delivery of products and services or find out more on an official website.

Cooling Towers - Types and Functions

With the onset of Legionnaires’ disease, there is an urgent requirement for a close check on cooling towers. Therefore, it becomes a prerequisite to have an idea of a cooling water treatment service provider. HydroChem provides a wide range of services, and that also includes Legionella Risk Management as well. To know more, visit the website now.

Why is Legionella Risk Assessment Important?

If a person looks for legionella risk assessment in Australia, HydroChem is one of the best services for minimizing the risks associated with it. They have a team of professionals who are experienced in legionella risk management and also develop specific products, achieve expertise, and implement logistical measures that are necessary for preventing the outbreak of disease. For further information, read the full article or browse through the HydroChem website.

Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Australia | HydroChem

HydroChem firmly placed as the industry leader in the Water Treatment sector. They have the experience and equipment necessary to clean any size cooling tower. For large jobs, multiple teams are dispatched to minimise down-time, allowing you to get on with your job with very little disruption. To know more, browse through the HydroChem official website.

Alert – Queensland Smoke Haze Impacts Cooling Towers | HydroChem

A period of severe fire weather conditions with bushfire smoke haze affecting many areas of Queensland. As a consequence of the bacterial load and ‘air-scrubbing’ effect, cooling tower operators can expect a high dirt and bacterial load in their cooling towers. HydroChem recommends ORP controlled dosing of oxidising biocides for cooling tower systems. Visit HydroChem website to know more.

Water Treatment and Cooling Towers

Water treatment is required due to increasing mishappenings originating from wastewater or only water, which, if left untreated, or it can be an outcome of any of the possible sources. It is advisable to seek help from well-established industrial water treatment companies, _ HydroChem _tops the list. They not only ensure quality work, but also work regularly by offering packages. To know more, read the full blog now.

HydroChem Providing The Best Water Treatment Services in Australia

HydroChem is an Australian company that is a leader in water treatment programs. Today, it is staffed by over 200 personnel and serves locations spanning the whole of Australia from Sydney, Darwin, and Victoria to Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. It offers useful water treatment services like boiler water treatment and much more. To know more, visit the website.

Water Treatment A Cure to Legionnaires Disease

Providing water disinfection services for Legionella and pathogen control to over 700 health facilities across Australia, HydroChem caters to major tertiary hospitals and nursing homes. Browse HydroChem website to get wide range of services for their area of expertise.

VIC Regulation changes to cooling tower systems and Legionella risk in certain premises

The State Government of Victoria regulates cooling tower systems to reduce the risks associated with Legionella bacteria. The regulations help minimise the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and reduce service disruptions that impact on the community and businesses. Read the full blog to know about the changes that relate to cooling tower systems and Legionella risks in certain premises.

What is Hospital-Acquired Legionnaires' Disease? | HydroChem

Many people are surprised that it’s possible to catch Legionnaires’ disease from water distribution systems – including cold, warm and hot water systems. In fact, in a hospital environment with immunocompromised patients, it’s actually more likely that a case of Legionnaires’ disease will be acquired from the water distribution system than the cooling tower systems. To know more, visit HydroChem website today.

Water Treatment Companies in Australia | HydroChem

HydroChem is one of Australia’s leading companies providing high quality water treatment services. Focused on water, creating a sustainable environment and managing the risks associated with water management, HydroChem are renowned for providing quality products and unparalleled customer service.

Importance of Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

A cooling tower water treatment system is an array of technologies that remove the harmful impurities from the cooling tower feed water, circulation water, and blowdown thus leading to water treatment Australia. Read the full blog to know what a cooling tower water treatment system is, and how does it work? It will give you an insight into this system and make you understand its use in the industries.

Modes of Mining Water Treatment

It is essential to put in place the protocols for the treatment of mine water so that water becomes re-usable and has a minimal environmental impact. A company like HydroChem is an expert in this field. Check out modes by which water treatment companies in Australia treat water from the mining industry.

What are the Benefits of Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals?

For comprehensive boiler water treatment chemicals, HydroChem Water Specialists is your one-stop-destination. They have a team of trained professionals who offer services regarding all the aspects of boiler water treatment.

Pollutants In Wastewater That Make Water Treatment Australia So Necessary

If you own an industrial facility that contributes to the growing problem of wastewater, then it would be valuable for you to understand why wastewater treatment is such an important subject to consider. It can play a huge role in your business’s health. When you overlook this pressing concern, you subject yourself to lawsuits or fines. To know more, read the full blog.

Tips to Maintain Cooling Towers Like Cooling Tower Cleaning chemicals

To manage any HVAC system, one must depend on the maintenance of cooling towers. When cooling towers are well maintained, a well-designed system will provide a comfortable indoor environment. Cooling tower cleaning chemicals are used by professional companies like HydroChem for maintaining cooling towers. To know more, visit the website.

HydroChem - The Best Company For Wastewater Treatment In Australia

HydroChem is a leader in the water treatment industry in Australia. It provides an exceptional service of wastewater treatment. HydroChem attracts customers for its customer-focused and professional approach as well as exacting standards. They have the capacity to unfailingly enhancing the bottom-line of clients while improving on their water treatment processes. To know more, visit the website.