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The Smart Media Solutions

The Smart Media Solutions is a full-service mobile app & web development agency Chicago. We utilize the latest technology which in turn guarantees fantastic results for the clients we help and support. We pride ourselves in a great work ethic, integrity and most importantly end-results. Our experienced team of designers is capable to convert your idea into a stunning Web design. & Mobile App.

Our Aim

The aim of establishing a platform such as The Smart Media Solutions is to provide the best return on investment to our customers by going beyond their expectations for digital marketing solutions.

Doing Things Differently

We are aware of the latest trends & techniques. We do things in a slightly different, personalized way that makes us different from the others. We offer premium quality of services with high consideration of time and budget.

Proposed Services

We provide unmatchable facilitation's for all types of Digital Marketing Services including; web designing, web development, Android & iOS development, e-commerce, content writing & marketing.

We Work On

The Smart Media Solutions has perfect skills to facilitate you with advanced features of all technologies. We are expert in MySQL, PHP for Linux as well as we have highly skilled programmers of Laravel, CodeIgniter, Cake, Zend, HTML5, Java, Node.js and AngularJS and other open source platforms like MAGENTO, WordPress, Joomla etc.
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Why Is It Important To Setup Your Site Structure Before You Make Your Website?

The why and how of laying down a basic structure of your website is critical. The experience that users have on your website and the way you deal with the SEO determines the probability of success your website will have.
You love optics but before you delve into them you need to know what you’re actually going to make.
The Website Anatomy
Imagine a building. What does its structure signify? It shows you how different parts of it are interconnected and how one section leads you to another. There’s something similar happening with a website. Its structure lets you decide how different pages of your website are interlinked and how, through leading pages, you can reach pages that are placed deeper.

Are Your Backlinks Search Engine Algorithms Friendly?

If you want to run your business successfully, your online content should be neat and clean. If your backlinks are broken or misleading, it can have serious consequences for your business. They might benefit you in terms of generating traffic for a short while, but in the long term, they’ll cost you dearly. Some bad backlinks are tolerable. But if a search engine detects a pattern or a well-established practice, you’re in jeopardy. Even if you’re not guilty of actively throwing them online, your content could still have bad links generated by SEO and PBNs. Hence, backlink inspection is a necessity if you want to keep your content immaculate. But what is a backlink audit in the first place? In plain words, it’s the process of removing or repudiating damaged backlinks.

Are You Planning To Build a Website For Your Small Business?

Technology has taken over every business sector in the world. The influence of technology on the business is so great that the success of any business is measured by its digital presence, website. It does not matter if you are running a small business or a large one the need for a web portal where you can communicate with your clients digitally remains the same. Think of a leading brand of any trade and search them on Google, you will surely find them there. This argument is enough to understand the importance of a web portal for the success of a business. On average, the revenue of a small business is around 3.5 million US dollars but for the businesses that have a website also, the average revenue is more than 5 million US dollars. The difference between with and without web portal holder trades is vivid to understand how a website can boost your small business.

10 Google Analytics Tips for Beginners

Google Analytics is a tool that you can use to improve your website’s performance. It gives you data related to your website. But you need to understand that data before you proceed to do anything with it. Quality analysis is required to make use of it. How to investigate the data you’ve received from Google Analytics?

  1. Mind your Measurements
    Many a time, people start analyzing reports that are of no use for their business. They do it only because they find them fascinating. But it doesn’t really matter. You should only focus on the material that is beneficial for your enterprise. Stay focused on only 5-10 Key Performance Indices that affect you the most.

  2. Configuration
    You should measure the most crucial dimensions of your business. Your account has to be configured properly. Accuracy isn’t the only thing here that matters. It also deals with certain tools that are really helpful for analysis. You can keep track of important metrics such as events, campaigns, keywords, demographics, and interests if your account is calibrated properly.
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High Alert Update your website immediately

**High Alert Update your website immediately

The internet has revolutionized marketing. It's now the cheapest way to put yourself out in the market. Since the web is dynamic and always going through changes, you need to keep up with it. Your website should be trendy and chic. There are compelling reasons behind regularly upgrading your website.

The Ocular Charm
The appearance of your website mirrors your enterprise. When someone visits your website, first of all. They see how it looks like. They don't start reading outright. Consumers first see the appeal of the website. If your website is visually beautiful, it's highly likely that visitors will stay on it. It'll also give the impression that your business is also elegant and up-to-date. If you're serving them bygone designs and appearance, they will dislike the whole appearance. An old-fashioned website gives the impression of an outmoded business that can no longer compete effectively.

While you should make the outlay charming, it shouldn't be impractical. Make it smooth enough to run on different platforms and devices. Optimization goes hand in hand with improving appearance.
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20 Guidelines To Boost-up Your Business Website Worth

**20 Guidelines To Boost-up Your Business Website Worth

Crafting a website is not an easy task. You’ve to deal with different dimensions of it. It includes content, designing, colors and other elements that you’ve to take care of. It requires time, effort and money to make an exciting website.

But how to create a website that appeals to customers?

Be focused at following points;

1- Choose Domain & Hosting Company Wisely

While opting for Domain, you need to keep certain things in mind. The brands with domain names that are easily searchable are ranked higher by search engines. It should combine simplicity and brand identity. It’s important to know whether you can handle technical matters of your server by yourself or you’ll need the hosting company to do it for you. Always Select a hosting brand which provides 24/7 Customer support, before buying any hosting read the reviews online. You should evaluate your requirements properly before getting hosting services.
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5 Tips If You Are Going To Start A Digital Marketing Agency | Fincyte

Can a business thrive without digital marketing these days? Perhaps not. Even survival is difficult in a fiercely competitive market where every competitor is trying to take full advantage of their online space.

Since almost every company has felt the importance of digital marketing, they are outsourcing this work to professional services. These services perform all the digital work for them. So, if companies want someone to manage their content digitally, it means there are a lot of opportunities in this area. This makes opening a digital marketing agency a highly lucrative option.

But before making one, keep in mind that there are certain de facto protocols that need compliance from you.

5 Tips If You Are Going To Start A Digital Marketing Agency
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What is Google Bert & How it works? - Technology Blog

BERT was a research paper published by Google’s researchers, which has now made itself into a software update. The first update was implemented on October 25th, 2019. It will assist the search engine in evaluating queries better than before.

It has been described as the most significant change in search ever, especially after Google announced Rank Brain approximately five years ago. It means that now you will see more relevant search results.

What is it?

To represent it technically, it is an abbreviation for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It has been described as a revolution in content search and ranking. Basically, it is a language processing model.

Basically, an attempt by Google to create more correspondence between the searches placed on it and the content that appears as results, it can let the search engine understand the context better. As an example, see these two sentences: “He saw me.” And, “He cut the wood with a saw.” Here, the word ‘saw’ has been used twice but in different contexts. Words of these kinds are called homonyms.
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Basic Guidelines For Beginners To Start With Google Analytics Tool

The rate of conversion or organic and worthy traffic is the prime factor for any web portal. The need for organic and worthy traffic increases the most when the website is of e-commerce. It helps you to do a keen website Analysis and boost your website conversion rate. You might have heard about this tool before; if not, then you need to know that Google Analytics is a statistical tool that offers a massive database using which you can increase the ranking as well as organic traffic of your web portal. It also offers an in-depth analysis of the website that can help you to make your e-commerce portal successful. Being digitally present is considered a key to the success of a business, and Google Analytics helps you in analyzing the data of the visitors. It has many features like; how your website visitors landed at your web page, how much time did they spend there, what areas and sections they showed interest in, and what the average time of their visit was.
Before you consider using this tool to elevate the ranking and the number of visitors at your website, you need to recognize the fact that this is a statistical database tool, and a clear understanding is necessary to take the maximum benefit out of it.

Let me share with you the basic guidelines that help you to be familiar with this tool and let you know how and why you should use it.
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Tech companies in Edmonton Offering new ways to buy & Sell homes - Directory Blog Article By Aaquib Jawaid

Technology has improved the real estate business everywhere. That is also true for Edmonton. There are some companies that operate in Edmonton, which allow users to sell or purchase a property through their platform for no or minimal amount to pay in commissions.

Some companies providing these services are Bode, Honest Door, and Purplebricks. Bode lets owners post their properties on their website and 20 other websites without any charge at all. As a result, when a sale is completed, Bode gets a one percent commission.

Purplebricks has a slightly different strategy. The uploading fee is $800. Once you submit the fee, Purplebricks deals with the task of taking photographs and settling the price. Paying additional fees can get you showings organized by Purplebricks. They get about 2000 listings each year, and three-quarters of it come out of Edmonton. It has seen a significant increase in its sales there, amounting to 22 percent.

Customers save the otherwise extravagant commission and showing costs by putting their real estate on Purplebricks. The number of showings also increases because of the presence of a vast amount of people online. Honest Door is not a registered entity. Purplebricks and Bode are registered and comply with regulations. The feature that makes it stand out is the information it gathers and then transmits to people. For instance, it tells users about the number of times a property has been sold, the price for which it was sold last time, as well as its assessed value currently.
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