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Updated by Emma Kalman on Nov 07, 2019
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5 Signs That You Have Problems With Sex

In matters of sex, the concept of what is normal is very broad and what some consider common practice may be unacceptable to others. There are a number of important principles such as security and active consent that apply to all situations. We have selected five signs of problems in sex-life that are important no matter what gender you are or the type of relationship you have.


Are You Scared

Are You Scared

A toxic sense of fear can be connected with anything and seriously poison life including sexual life. This problem needs to be solved by understanding the causes of fears. The fears of pregnancy go away when using highly effective methods of contraception. If the fears are associated with the experience of violence or physical pain, it is worth discussing this with your partner and possibly a psychotherapist.


You Can't Say “No”

Sometimes the inability to say “no” means that there is violence in the relationship. In some cases, a person is simply embarrassed to refuse as the partner may think that they are no longer interesting to the other half. Healthy sex is something that brings joy. If you feel bad, worried about something, or you “have no time for it” then do not hesitate to explain the situation to your partner.


You Feel Pain

Physical pain during sex can occur in both men and women and in the latter case, it is called dyspareunia. Sometimes it can be associated with an uncomfortable position. After giving birth, sex can also be painful for some time but these feelings gradually go away. If the pain occurs regularly and its causes are not obvious, you should consult a doctor. It may be associated with an inflammatory or even a tumor process, so an examination in a fibroid treatment center may be necessary.


You Are Not Satisfied With the Amount of Sex

There is no single standard for everyone. According to some reports, weekly sex is correlated with the greatest feeling of happiness in stable couples. There are people among us who need much more or much less sex. Libido is an individual thing and its decrease or increase may depend on various factors.
If you can never get enough sex, then don’t blame the partner for this and do not put pressure on them, remember that every person has the right to say no. If your mismatch of desires becomes critical, perhaps you should speak with a specialist.


You Have Not Resolved the Issue of Contraception

Fear of unwanted pregnancy can nullify all the joys of sex and change the rest of your life. The “morning-after” pills are safer than abortion but they are not recommended to be abused. Such contraception is for emergency purposes and it’s better to use it in extreme cases. Methods such as interrupted intercourse or “safe days” are generally not considered reliable, although there are quite effective algorithms based on the calendar method.

While we are still waiting for effective contraceptives for men, the most effective (99.9%) are hormonal methods. Now dozens of birth control options are available and if it was not possible to choose the right one the first time, it makes sense to try another. For those who forget to drink pills, hormonal injections, vaginal rings, implants, and intrauterine systems have been invented.