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Updated by Prachi Jain on Nov 07, 2019
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10 Must read books for Video Marketers

Video Marketing is not just creating ads in video format and directly promoting your brand/ product

What it means essentially is that we need to create such audio visual content that should inform the audience, entertain them, inspire them and start some sort of engagement.

In order to achieve the above, we need to take a holistic approach of storytelling, develop an understanding of human psychology, figure out how to build a community and much more

Google - “Best Books for Video Marketing” and you will get tonnes of results. These books could help you with technical aspects. These books will help you answer the WHATs and Hows of Video Marketing but might not answer WHYs. And for that you need to take a multidisciplinary approach to learn the basics.

So, I recommend, these 10 books which helped me and my team while producing enterprise video content. These books are not Video Marketing books per se but could definitely help you in becoming a good Video Content creator and Marketer.


Social Psychology by Robert A. Baron

Social Psychology by Robert A. Baron

This book is taught to Psychology students but I recommend it to all marketers as well. Though its an academic book & might look intimidating but its a fun book to read.

It talks about Social perception, stereotyping, prosocial behaviour etc. with relevant examples.

What you will learn - As a marketer, we need to understand the psyche of humans and society at large. This book helps you in understanding and learning that.

What do you think about this list? Do you want to add any new names to the list?


Fast Cheap and Viral by Aashish Chopra

Fast Cheap and Viral by Aashish Chopra

This book is written by award winning Video Marketer - Aashish Chopra. He has created numerous videos which have garnered 350 Million+ views. In this book, he has shared the experiments he has done and learnings of creating viral video content

What you will learn - A no nonsensical approach to create Enterprise video content in today’s time with Aashish’s own tips, tricks, and formulas. His learnings are more out of his curiosity and experiments.


Save the Cat by Blake Synder

Save the Cat by Blake Synder

This is arguably the best script writing book for beginners. Many established filmmakers/ video creators might not consider it as that great. But if you are new to script writing, this is the first book you should read to learn the craft.

You may ask, why a video marketer needs to learn Script writing? Isn’t it for filmmakers? Well the idea behind reading this book is to learn what style of storytelling appeal to humans most.

As the whole purpose of marketing today is to get connected with the audience emotionally and then sell the product.

What you will learn - A formula based approach of writing a script or telling a story. Apart from this, you will find it interesting to know the methods used to write scripts of your favorite movies.


Amul’s India by daCunha Communications

Amul’s India by daCunha Communications

Amul is world known for its Topical Marketing. They come up with a comic strip every week based on the latest current affair of India. And they have been doing it for 50+ years now.

This book covers major Topical Advertisements Amul has come up with which took the imagination of whole India

What you will learn - If you could crack Topical content like Google or Amul then you have an Ad template ready for life. Read this book to figure out if you could also create topical video ads for your industry/ company.


Natyashashtra by Bharata Muni

Natyashashtra by Bharata Muni

Some of you might find this recommendation as bizarre. Why a marketer should read an ancient book on Performing Arts?

My take is - every form of performing art has ‘storytelling’ in its core. We humans are telling stories since we did not know how to speak (by drawing pictures). We love stories and will continue to tell stories till we exist.

What you will learn - Its very important for Marketers to master the art of storytelling and this book exposes us to the good old knowledge of storytelling through Performing arts


A Designer’s Art by Paul Rand

A Designer’s Art by Paul Rand

A Video is nothing but an audio visual medium. The beauty of the medium is that we can express more in less. The same thing is applicable to graphic design. So its really an advantage if video marketers learn graphic design.

What you will learn - This book is written in essay format. The good part is that it has very little text and filled with visual illustrations. You will learn graphic design principles and philosophy.


30 second thrillers by KV Sridhar

30 second thrillers by KV Sridhar

For all of us 80s and 90s kids, TV ads were part of growing up. We still remember those Hamara Bajaj, ThumsUp, Fevicol Ads.

This book tells ‘behind the scene’ stories of these famous Ads.

What you will learn - The thought process with which these famous videos ads were created. Their execution story, challenges they faced, how did they overcome and created these masterpiece content which still make us nostalgic after 20-30 years.


Thinking with Type - Ellon Lupton

Thinking with Type - Ellon Lupton

This book is about Typography which may seem unusual for a video marketer. But in my opinion, principles of typography help us a lot when we design our final content. Typography might not make or break the video but it might not convey the message we are trying to convey.

What you will learn - Which font to use, size of the text - header vs body etc. But more importantly how much thoughts a marketer should put in when it comes to designing the content piece.


Tribes by Seth Godin

Tribes by Seth Godin

Seth Godin does not need any introduction. Most of his books are on Marketing and are best sellers.

But this particular book - Tribe is more than a Marketing book. It talks about the importance of a Tribe (Community) and leadership.

And in today’s social media marketing, community plays a very important role.

What you will learn - As a marketer we need to build a loyal audience base or a community. This book could help you in taking that leadership role and build that community .

Here's invitation to join one such global video marketing community, to learn from expert and share.


The sense of Style by Steven Pinker

The sense of Style by Steven Pinker

This is a book to learn Sense of style. It talks about the standards one should follow when it comes to writing, designing, formatting any creative piece of content.

What you will learn - How to conceptualise and write various narratives. How to create the conflict, the drama, the interesting entertaining element in your story/ content.