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When you turn towards, you engage with your partner and let them know you value their presence and what they have to say. You can turn towards by making eye contact, smiling, and responding with validation. It also adds to the “emotional bank account” and allows for greater leeway during conflict.

Relationship Masters turn towards each other 86% of the time; Relationship Disasters turn towards each other a mere 33% of the time.

Turning towards creates:

Emotional connection


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Whether it’s our first day in college or at a new job, we all want to look good and create a good impression in the eyes of our colleagues and classmates. Perhaps, that’s why we pay so much attention to our outfit on the first day. A great outfit sets the tone for the rest of the year and gives you the confidence to take on new challenges in a new environment. So, why is it that sometimes despite our best efforts, our sartorial quotient seems to lack the “wow” factor?

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