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Curated Lesson Resources- Making Connections in Kindergarten

Reading Wallet--Making Connections Clip

This video explains the three connections one should make while reading with pictures and words. This video is great for Kindergartners because the speaker's voice is calming and she uses a lot of visuals as well as simplistic words which is great content quality for young learners.

teacherific: Search results for anchor chart

The second image has thought bubbles that have a drawing of each child making a text to text/self/world connections. This image is great for young learners because the drawings clearly relay the necessary information for making connections. | See What I Created with Powtoon - Making Connections

This Powtoon explains making connections while reading through cartoons. Young learners love cartoon illustrations and videos which this incorporates. Though this has a lot of the words, the cartoon illustrations make each connection clear as the speaker and illustrations pop up simultaneously.

Making Connections: The Mountain of Understanding

This game helps with making connections through reading comprehension. This game has easy step-by-step instructions for young learners to follow along. This game encourages students to listen and recall certain self,text,and world experiences to get to the next step on this mountaineers journey.

For ELA Learners

This is a website to help young ELA learners with self-to-text connections. The instructions are given in Spanish and the learning content portion is in simple English with detailed images. This website also allows for users to connect with each other on their self-to-text connections. This can allow growth and learning opportunity from peers!


Into The Book: Making Connections: Slingshot to Understanding

This game helps students learn the difference between strong and weak connections made when reading. This game allows students to hear a story and make connections with each section to advance their player. A strong connection will advance them further than a weak connection. There are a lot of words the audio the game comes with is enough for them to listen to make connections.

Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva

This is a website that allows users to create posters. This is a great place for young learners to create posters on making connections however they feel best conveys text to self/text/world connections on a simple platform that is easy to navigate.

Copy Of Making Connections (3 Types) - Lessons - Tes Teach

This is an online presentation website that includes all three connection types that includes a video linked in as well. This is a great source for young learners to use because it classifies all of the connections in simple words, pictures, and the video linked in. The video's speaker is a young girl who explains the connections which will encourage the students to listen because if it like a peer talking to them! There is also a spot where users can interact with each other and share their thoughts!

making connections | Making connections | Reading anchor charts, Anchor charts, Reading workshop

This image came from Pinterest and it parallels making connections with puzzle pieces. This is a great poster/image because text to self are "I" statements. Text to text statements are identified with "books". Text to world statements use "people". This is a great lead into growing the Kindergartners vocabulary and sight words! This can allow students to focus on "I", "books", and "people" sentences.

Into The Book: Behind the Lesson | Making Connections

Into the Book: Behind the Lesson is a video on YouTube that has a teacher walk through each type of connection with students and then shows the connections with drawings. This video is really great for students to watch. The student can see and hear how we make connections with books we read in the classroom. The video also promotes a classroom thinking culture within the classroom which is positive for young learners to observe!

Flipgrid | Empower Every Voice

Flipgrid is an app where teachers can make videos for the students in their classroom. This is a great app because I will be able to use this app to give instructions and/or read hyperdocs assignments in simple words for students to follow along. Flipgrid videos also have a time limit so it will not overwhelm the young learners.