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10 Most Important Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Science | Xccelerate

Machine learning algorithms essential for data scientists and their career. It includes type of algorithms, purpose and methods of model training.

Data Scientist Salary in Hong Kong | Xccelerate

Learn how much salary a Data Scientist in Hong Kong earns. Learn more about Data science, a unique career field with exceptional salary prospects.

What is Machine Learning? Types, Examples | Xccelerate

The popularity of Machine Learning is increasing day by day. This blog helps you better understand Machine Learning and its uses in our daily life.

Role of Software Engineers in Startups | Xccelerate

The role of software engineers is to anchor the success of a startup company by providing workable solutions and visualizing processes.

Top 10 Front-end web development trends 2020 | Xccelerate

Have a look at the top 10 front-end web development trends in 2020. These present-day front-end web development trends will help you achieve your digital goals.

How to Become a Successful UX Designer | Xccelerate

To become a successful UX designer, you need to learn the fundamental skills with lots of practice and the backing of a credible UX Design course.

Why You Should Have a Mentor in Data Science | Xccelerate

As a beginner it may be difficult for you to land your first data science job. Having a mentor help you land on a bright career path in data science.

Why Are Employers Spending More Money in Tech Training | Xccelerate

Employers are spending more money into tech training to increase employee retention, stay updated with trends; improve business growth. Learn more.

Corporate Training vs Tech Training | Xccelerate

Let's have a deeper look into corporate training and technical training - two popular terms commonly used in the IT world. Read this blog to learn more.

Python Developer Salary in Hong Kong | Xccelerate

Learn more about python, a high-level programming language. The salary of a python developer is high when compared to other software developers.

10 Best Programming Languages That Can Land You a Job in 2020 | Xccelerate

Technology changes everyday and you keep moving with the latest. Find the 10 best programming languages which help you get job in 2020.

Python for Beginners with Examples | Xccelerate

Python is a very powerful object oriented programming language. This Python tutorial blog will help you learn the fundamentals of Python programming.

10 Highest Paying IT Jobs for 2020 | Xccelerate

Here's a detailed know-how about the highest paying IT jobs for the year 2020. Be prepared to face the next decade and more with confidence. Learn more.

Trending Data Science Skills for 2020 | Xccelerate

In 2020, there is a huge demand in data science skills on a global technology podium which comprises of statistics, math, Python, machine learning. Learn more.

Why is Python Considered a High-Level Programming Language? | Xccelerate

Python is one of the high level programming languages that emerged recently, to make things easy for developers. Learn why python is better than others.

Top 10 Python Libraries for Data Science 2020 | Xccelerate

Python offers inbuilt libraries that can easily carry out data analysis. Here we discuss about top 10 Python libraries for data science that matters in 2020.

Data Science for Startups: An Introduction | Xccelerate

The aim of this blog is to provide an overview of how to build a data science platform for a startup, thereby helping them to make their products better.

How to get a Software Developer Job without a CS Degree | Xccelerate

Let us know how to get a software developer job without a degree. There are few things you have to keep in mind when it comes to software developing.

Top 10 Uses of Python in Business | Xccelerate

Python is a high-level general purpose programming language. Here, we will discuss the top 10 uses of Python programming language in business.

How to Get a Job After a Coding Bootcamp | Xccelerate

Getting a job after a coding bootcamp is not at all pain-free. Here are a few tips that will help you land your first job after the coding bootcamp.

10 Ways to Activate Your Data Science Career | Xccelerate

Consider these top ways to activate your data science career and stay focussed and determined to up skill and improve every day.

Is a Data Science Bootcamp worth it to get a Data Science Job | Xccelerate

To get a data science job, a person has to master multiple skills. Here, we discuss whether attending data science bootcamp worth to get a job.

Hiring Vs Training | Xccelerate

Consider these pros and cons of hiring skilled employees vs. training employees internally to make a smart decision for your venture. Read to learn more.