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Curated Lesson Resources - Branches of Government - 4th Grade


3 Branches of Government

3 Branches of Government

Description: This picture gives a visual representation of what groups of people make up each branch of government.
Rationale: This picture gives a correct and simple visual for who is in each branch of government. The information isn't too overwhelming, but shows students keywords to know about the topic.

What are the branches of government?

Description: Ben's Guide informs students about what jobs each branch of government has.
Rationale: Although listed for children of ages 4-8, this sight gives information that 4th grade students need to know. Additionally, the information is organized and written in a way that 4th grade students will understand. The website also has a fun, kid-friendly look to it.

Description: The Harry Truman library gives an overview of what the three branches of government are and allows for students to explore each branch of government in more detail.
Rationale: This website provides students with a lot of facts. Students can look closer at each branch of government that they may not be as familiar with. This site does include a lot of text, but there is a lot keywords that are important for students to know and understand.

Branches of Government Game - BrainPOP.

Description: This Brain Pop allows for students to test their knowledge on the jobs and roles each branch of government has.
Rationale: This Brain Pop is a fun engagement that a lesson needs. Through this game students can take a break from reading a lot of intense information and put their knowledge to the test. This game will allow for students to see which branches of government they confidently know, and which branches they need to spend a little more time learning about. Additionally, the organization of the game and the visual cues are grade level appropriate.

What are the Three Branches of Government?

Description: Cartoon Jeremiah talks about the United States Constitution and how it sets up three branches of the Federal Government.
Rationale: This cartoon video is kid friendly and gives students some of the basic information about the three branches of government that they need to know. Additionally, the cartoon character and pictures make the video more enjoyable for students to watch.

3 Branches of Government

Description: This Kids Academy video introduces students to the three branches of government, who is each branch of government, and what they do.
Rationale: This video is very informative about what the branches of governments do. This video uses grade level appropriate images and words without being too overwhelming. Additionally, the video includes quick trivia in the middle to make sure students were following along and understanding the information.

The Executive Branch | The White House

Description: This article describes the power of the Executive Branch, the President, and the Cabinet in great detail.
Rationale: This article is very descriptive in what the jobs of the Executive Branch. This article also give information about people that are a part of the Executive Branch and are sometimes forgotten about. This article is very informative and lays out the blueprint of the Executive Branch for students.

What It's Like Being A Supreme Court Justice

Description: This video describes the day in the life of a Supreme Court Justice and what all the job entails from the beginning to the end of the day.
Rationale: This video is short and gives students the details they need to know to better understand Supreme Court. By showing what justices do throughout the day, students are given a better understanding of what the responsibilities of the Judicial Branch are. Additionally, the language of the video are grade level appropriate.

Congress: The People's Branch?

Description: This article describes the people of Congress, their ideas on the government, and their goals for the government.
Rationale: This article describes in good detail everyone who makes up the Legislative Branch and what their day to day tasks consists of. Additionally, the article gives and defines keywords that students need to know to better understand the branch. This article asks thought provoking questions and is appropriately worded for the grade level.


The Three Branches of Government

The Three Branches of Government

Description: This picture explains what the three branches of government are, the structure of each branch, the people, and the responsibilities.
Rationale: This picture gives the important information students need to know about each branch. The picture is well organized between the branches with additional pictures included to describe the structure. A picture of where the branch is is also included.