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Updated by Lauren Birdsong on Nov 05, 2019
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Curated Lessons Resources - Story Elements

Short Stories for Children

Description - This website contains a variety of short stories for students to choose to read.
Rationale - This website is good for letting students get to choose a short story that interests them.

Description - This website explains a few elements of short stories.
Rationale - This websites has just the story elements that I am wanting to introduce to my students and the explanations are fairly simple for each element.

Story Elements flashcards on Tinycards

Description - This website has a type of flashcards that students use to learn story elements.
Rationale - While this website has more story elements than I would want to introduce at first, but as we move along in the year, I could introduce more elements of a story. Also students can keep this as a resource for later in their school years.

What are the Different Elements of Story?

Description - This website tells students about the 5 basic elements of a story.
Rationale - This website has a video that explains the elements of a story, as well as short paragraphs. The video also gives examples of these story elements.

Story Elements for Kids: What Is a Setting?

Description - This video explains the setting of a story.
Rationale - This video gives a simple explanation of a setting and gives students an opportunity to practice along with the video

Story Elements For Kids: What Is a Character?

Description - This video simply defines what a character is.
Rationale - This video also gives students an opportunity to practice along with the video

Story Elements - Lessons - Tes Teach

Description - This is a website that has many parts to explore.
Rationale - This is a good resource for students to use. Numbers 4 and 5 are the best because there is a video with a catchy beat and a picture with a good yet simple definition.

Interactives . Elements of a Story

Description - This is a good interactive for students to learn elements of a story.
Rationale - This reads students a story and then gives them a good interactive process to go through to learn and identify the elements of a story.

Short Stories for Kids - Short Kid Stories

Description - This website has lots of stories for students to read.
Rationale - Students can continue to use this beyond 1st grade and read stories online. They can choose the age they are and then pick stories to read.

5 Elements of a Story Character Setting

Description - Infographic contains and defines elements of a story.
Rationale - This infographic simply defines the elements of a story. This also contains pictures to help students understand the elements of a story.