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Updated by Canadian Every Day Prepper on Jan 27, 2020
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Candian Everyday Prepper

Canadian Everyday Prepper has experienced geographic features of Canada, with a large number of informative content that’s practical & feasible to Canadian lifestyle, we prepare them for the big earthquake in the West & the cold winters in the East those can happen anywhere and anytime.

Quality Flashlight is Must for Emergencies | Canada

Flashlights are worth the investment. Learn what features are important and why you should not rely on your phone or cheap flashlights in emergencies! For more details visit us or call us anytime.

Expensive Glowsticks Worth the Cost? - Canadian Everyday Prepper

Glowsticks. They are all the same and you get them at dollar stores right? WRONG.How many times have you been disappointed to find that your dollar store glow stick was already pre-activated when you opened the package? This means you spent $1.25 on garbage.

Canadian Everyday Prepper | Preparing for Emergencies the Urban Way

A Canadian website made to increase awareness of emergency preparedness and resources available to Canadians. Let's take steps to build a safer community together! Visit Us!

Apps/Registries to Locate Closest AED Across Canada - Canadian Everyday Prepper

So you know how to perform CPR and use an AED but where do you find one when you need one? AEDs are vital to saving lives during medical emergencies but are often not easily accessible. Depending on the province, it is expected that most public buildings and facilities would have them but do you know if they are accessible during non-business hours?

Not Well? Hotline for Medical Advice | British Columbia and Ontario

This article will cover the hotlines available in British Columbia and Ontario. People often feel like there are only 3 options when they do not feel well.

Don't Drive Impaired: Designated Drivers Services Across Canada

I get it. It is getting late after a great evening and everyone is tired and no one wants to bug others to give them a ride home when you have your own car to drive. For more information visit us!

Christmas Tree: A Fire Hazard - Canadian Everyday Prepper

No one wants to hear this but your beautiful Christmas tree is a fire hazard. Not all Canadians celebrate Christmas but those who do may choose to put up a Christmas tree this year. Let us all take steps to ensure that we can joyfully spend this holiday with our loved ones and not spend it dealing with residential fires.

Live Walk-In Clinic Timers Across Canada - Canadian Everyday Prepper

As the holidays are now upon us, business hours change and people often go on vacations. This includes our health care providers. This is the time of the year where getting medical help can be harder than any other time of the year. If it is serious enough, we know to get to the hospital and my earlier post on live ER timers can hopefully be of assistance.


Keep Survival/Emergency Cashes in Emergency Time in Canada

A survival cache is a secret hiding place for a valuable, emergency stockpile that is needed to survive when you have no other options. Prepare a survival/emergency cache tailored to your needs on a daily basis that holds a bunch of items you find essential to your survival or to other emergencies. By keeping all of your survival supplies at any one location you are setting yourself up for disaster. If you find this information useful, please visit to plan your emergency survival cache the right way

Start Carrying a Multi-Tool - Canadian Everyday Prepper

The types of multi-tools available have exploded over the years. Some of the common reasons why people do not carry one on a daily basis are because either they do not see recognize its usefulness, think they are too bulky, or find the selection available too overwhelming to deal with. These are not good excuses. Everyone should carry a multi-tool. 

Start 2020 Right | Understanding Food and Water Assistance After the Big One Hits - Canadian Everyday Prepper

So what happens if the Big One hits? 10,000 or 50,000 meals a day may seem like a big number but consider the population of just Vancouver alone which is over 600,000 according to multiple sources. The 2016 Census shows that the population of the Metropolitan area as 2,463,431. It is 2020 so the number has likely increased. That is not a lot of meals.

Unique Housewarming Gift   | Stand Out from the Crowd - Canadian Everyday Prepper

Leaning towards gifting a stereotypical housewarming gift that blends in with everyone else? Nothing screams "I CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!" louder than a can of freeze dried food! 

Respirators | The Air that Sustains Us Can Also Kill Us - Canadian Everyday Prepper

Now think about the earthquake we have been expecting for years on the west coast. When the ground shakes and buildings crumble, the air would be filled with particulates. Without the proper protection, it would be deadly to inhale these fine particles. Two disasters have been often cited regarding the hazards of the aftermath of disasters. One is the 2011 Japan earthquake and the other is the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States.