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Updated by Kevin Marshal on Nov 05, 2019
Headline for 5 Countries that are making the best Black Tea
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5 Countries that are making the best Black Tea

Tea is a celebrated beverage across the world. This super beverage offers quite a number of health benefits to its drinkers too. Of course the remarkable taste and aroma of tea also makes it quite a popular product. There are lots of different variants which you can consider when you desire to experiment with tea. On a broad level, tea can be categorized as black tea, green tea and white tea. This article provides information about countries which manufacture high quality black tea.


Sri Lanka

The small island of Sri Lanka has long been associated with tea. The tea industry was introduced to the country back in the colonial era. Since then the industry has flourished here and today, the small island is known to be the fourth largest tea producer in the world. Best Ceylon tea products can be purchased from tea boutiques all over the world. The rich character and taste of the black tea manufactured here is quite remarkable for sure. Some would even agree that the best black tea is produced in this charming little paradise island. Black tea is the most popular variant of tea among the locals in the country too.



India is also known to be one of the best countries in the world for manufacturing black tea. The exquisite masala chai, which originated in India is popular all over the world today. Masala chai is a combination of black tea and a variety of spices that India is famous for. Darjeeling is a popular tea growing region in India.



China is the country that has been celebrating tea for the longest period of time. It produces high quality black tea which the whole world loves. Of course, in China the more popular variant is green tea. There are lots of charming little tea boutiques in the country which are frequented by tea lovers.



It is quite hard to talk about black tea without bringing in the charming country of Argentina to the conversation! Argentina is known to be one of the leading countries in the world for manufacturing black tea. Especially the northeast region of the country produces exceptional quality black tea which is loved by tea aficionados. You will be able to find lots of tea shops in the country serving black tea along with scones and cookies. The charming manner in which the locals relish their tea will surely make you also fall in love with the tea culture of the land.



Indonesia is yet another country in the East that manufactures high quality black tea. The tea production in the country is at large centred on the production of black tea. Green tea is also produced in smaller quantities in Indonesia. A large portion of tea grown in Indonesia is used in blends so not many people know about the tea that is grown here.
Hope the information above will help you to gain a greater understanding about the tea growing nations in the world.