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Updated by Riverside Dental Spa on Nov 05, 2019
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7 reasons to use Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Craving a healthy, white smile is perfectly normal. Many people are unhappy with the colour of their teeth and whilst you can minimise discolouration through quitting smoking and not drinking too much coffee or red wine – it isn’t always enough to achieve the desired pearly whites. That’s why teeth straightening treatments have been developed, to lighten the shade of teeth. Enlighten teeth whitening is a popular solution and here we reveal the seven reasons why we recommend this treatment:


Guaranteed lighter shade

Guaranteed lighter shade

Enlighten teeth whitening treatments guarantee your teeth will be restored to B1 shade – this is the lightest natural tooth shade. Results will vary depending upon the individual and current tooth shade, but the results can be up to a staggering 16 shades lighter.


Quick results

With Enlighten teeth whitening you can expect to see results in as little as two to four weeks from starting your treatment, as the whitening gel gradually removes stains from the surface of the teeth and allows them to become a whiter shade.


Innovative technology

Teeth whitening is a fantastic dental development and with Enlighten treatments you can benefit from the revolutionary technology that has enabled it to become the only treatment that guarantees a ‘VITA Shade B1′ result.


Reduced sensitivity

Some teeth whitening treatments can make the teeth more sensitive, but thankfully, with the Enlighten Teeth Whitening system, anti-sensitivity serum is provided to help combat the problem and make it more comfortable for you during treatment.


Convenient at home treatment

With Enlighten Teeth Whitening comes the convenience of at-home treatment. Your dentist provides you with the gel and trays and you simply wear them at night to gradually whiten your teeth. This will usually be for a period of two weeks. You can also upgrade to Enlighten Platinum teeth whitening treatment which includes a 40-minute in-surgery booster treatment to improve and prolong the results of the at-home whitening.


Minimal pain

As the trays are custom made to fit your mouth, they are comfortable to wear in bed and thus cause little to no pain during treatment.


No need to change your diet

One of the things that patients find most helpful when having their teeth whitened using the Enlighten system is that they do not need to change their diet in order for the treatment to work. You can continue to eat and drink as normal during treatment and look forward to seeing the results within as little as two weeks.


Booking your Enlighten Teeth Whitening appointment

Booking your Enlighten Teeth Whitening appointment

Riverside Dental Spa is a dental practice in Vauxhall London offering a personal and friendly approach to dental care. They specialise in a wide range of dental treatments including Enlighten Teeth Whitening for which consultations can be booked online or by calling 020 7091 0677. For more information on their teeth whitening treatments please visit the Riverside Dental Spa website.