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Top Attractions in Moranbah –Discover Something New every day

Moranbah is a small Aboriginal town in Queensland. With the arrival of miners in the latter part of the 20th century, the township started to thrive and is now known to be a slightly expensive place.


01. Fly in the Forests

Soar above the luscious green forests of Moranbah to see the tranquil gifts of Mother Nature that lie in perfect harmony beneath you. Strap on a harness, cling on to the pulley and glide along the cable in comfort to cover a large acreage of the forests in a short time. You will enjoy the freshest of air and the most sought-after views while you glide. Forest flying is a preferred recreational activity among tourists who stay at Moranbah service apartments as much as it is a favourite of the locals who flock with their families every weekend.


02. Visit the Old Volcanoes

The plugs formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago still stand quite firmly in the Peak Range National Park south of the town. This is a fabulous spot for trekking, bushwalking and spotting some plants and animals that are being strictly conserved. Motor vehicles are not permitted beyond a point; therefore, you leave the world behind you and remain in the rapturous arms of nature until you leave.


03. Frolic in the Musical Playground

Though typically meant for children, most playgrounds attract a steady flow of adults who refuse to grow up as well. Everyone can double the fun at the Musical Playground in Moranbah as it has rides and improvised musical instruments. For instance, one of the seats can be used as a xylophone and some of the old train tracks can be used as drums. The ingenious creators of the park have been successful in producing a recreational area in the city which is both educational and fun. Keep an evening free to visit this attraction which is in the town square itself, not far from Oaks Moranbah.


04. Fish in the Isaac Waters

The River Isaac cascades in full glory close to Moranbah permitting tourists to the area to fish, engage in water sports and take relaxing boat rides. A simple fishing rod is welcome but do take note that nets and trawlers are not allowed in these waters. A fishing permit may be required, depending on the area and age of those involved in fishing. If you travel when the weather is bright in the southern hemisphere, you will certainly be able to spend a solid day or two in these waters.


05. Drop in at a Coal Mine

Coal mining is the largest industry in Moranbah and history shows that the township was formed on the basis of mining. There are dozens of mines around the city and spread far into the remote areas as well. The Grosvenor Coal Mine and the Isaac Plains Coal Mine which lies beyond the River Isaac are two of the most well known mines and are where most visitors go for a short tour of the world of mining.

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