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The Best Things to Do in Glenelg- Discovering Glenelg

Glenelg is equipped with a healthy variety of activities that could serve up well for all age groups where everyone can have an enjoyable time and leave with a content heart thriving on nothing but simply the hope of returning again. Here is our list of recommendations for the best things to do in Glenelg.


Glenelg Visitor Center

Among a vivid selection of things to do and see involving its white sandy beaches, its vibrant shopping scene and an absolutely irresistible food legacy, Glenelg Visitor Center takes centre point. Step in through those walls and be instantly transported back to the age-old times of the settlement era where this city was founded. What is remarkable is that the authorities have made a sound provision to let viewers walk in with absolutely no entrance fee while educating exclusively the crowds of the city's history and heritage.


Bay Discovery Center

The Bay Discovery Center prides itself in itemizing Glenelg's social history through the artefacts curated in its museum collection. It is a great place to indulge in some authentic South Australian heritage for those who are intrigued by it. Surely you would be thrilled to know that some of the best accommodation Glenelg has to offer are within a hoots distance from this interesting establishment, such as the Oaks Plaza Pier.


Glenelg Art Gallery

Not only does the Glenelg Art Gallery collection feature a wide array of art from established artists, but also some of the most promising and upcoming talents within the arena at present.


Glenelg Pier – The Jetty

What used to be the jetty that leads up to a lighthouse at the end of it was destroyed in the year 1873 for the most part and whatever remained of the jetty fell victim again to a hurricane in 1948 inflicting damage to such an extent that what remained after was simply a kiosk and the aquarium. Considering the possible hazardous implications, the remnants were demolished altogether, and the pier reconstructed in 1969 to what it is now.


Oldgum Tree Reserve

The 'Old gum tree' is renowned for being the significant destination where the 'Proclamation of South Australia' was read. The tree stood tall and regal on a stretch of land which was once owned by a John Hector who later gifted it to the municipality in the year 1857.


Proclamation Trial

For those of you who prefer to explore on your own time and space, this is an ideal option for learning the fascinating history of Glenelg. It begins at Glenelg Town Hall and strategically guides you through eight different sites with incredible history, which, as the name suggests, hold some significance whatsoever in the Proclamation of South Australia such as the 'first landing' and 'Old Gum Tree' through the original streets of Glenelg and Colley Reserve.


The Marina Pier

Sunsets could not get any better than being enjoyed over a delectable bite from one of the many restaurants lining the Marina. It is the perfect location for an evening stroll to actually hear yourself thinking.


Swim with the Dolphins

If a swim alongside these forever-cheerful creatures don't get you to light up like Christmas, we don't know what will! However, in the dolphin swim tours that are on offer in Glenelg, should you prefer to observe these wonderful creatures nudging along playfully from the safety of your boat, that can be accommodated as well.

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