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Coding Resources

Google Analytics for Unifying App and Website Measurement

Google Analytics for Unifying App and Website Measurement - How often do you browse the brand's website for researching a product before making the purchase? Well, the number might vary from every individual but the - Google Analytics.

9 Must Decisions in Web Application Development

So you’ve decided to create a web application? Great, welcome to a world without any easy choices. There is a vast amount of different great technologies in every step you are going to make. And for every option, you will find a notable company that used it with great success.

Store Your API Keys More Securely Using CMake & Kotlin

Well, that's partly true in Android when it comes to storing API keys and protecting them against hackers.

Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize These Five Industries

We aggregate and tag open source projects. We have collections of more than one million projects. Check out the projects section.

The state of AI in 2019

What does artificial intelligence mean? How does machine learning work? These are tough questions, but important ones to answer. In The Verge’s Real World AI Issue we’re going to look at how this technology is being used in the world around you — here and now.

Protect the Business from Edge to AI with Cloudera Cybersecurity

Gartner estimates 30x connected device growth by 2020.  Faster 5G networks bringing an explosion of inexpensive, connected devices. This enables new and more innovative applications and capabilities to improve customer experience.    

How to Go Mobile With PowerApps and SharePoint | The Manifest

Explore the potential of PowerApps and SharePoint to create business apps without hiring a developer.

GitHub launches mobile app beta for iPhone and iPad, Android 'coming soon'

GitHub today launched the beta for its mobile app, coming first to iPhone and iPad. The app, which allows you to work and communicate with your team on the go, is also planned for an Android release "soon."

How to Boost Mobile App Downloads and Motivate Holiday Shoppers?

Here are ways to help you boost mobile app performance and deliver the CX shoppers expect, and increase app downloads prior to the kickoff on Cyber Weekend.

Top E-commerce Order Management Solution to Simplify Sales

The Top 6 E-commerce Order Management Solutions to help get your online business running smooth when it comes to sales and orders.

Request with Intent: Caching Strategies in the Age of PWAs

Once upon a time, we relied on browsers to handle caching for us; as developers in those days, we had very little control. But then came Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), Service Workers, and the Cache API—and suddenly we have expansive power over what gets put in the cache and how it gets put there. We can now cache everything we want to… and therein lies a potential problem.

Create a Toggle Switch in React as a Reusable Component

Learn how to create an iOS-inspired toggle switch using React components, building a simple demo React App for using this custom toggle switch component.

Migrating Your Website? A Website Migration Checklist for You

Are you planning to migrate your website? Don't miss to take a look at the checklist of website migration prior to migrating your website.

Fascinating CSS Grid Layout Examples and Tutorials

CSS Grid is one of the most powerful tools available to developers. The simple module allows you to create entire website layouts, responsive galleries, and other cool effects. With enough creativity, you can do a lot of interesting things using CSS grid.

26 Best Industrial Joomla Templates Free & Premium

If you want your website to transmit the spirit of industrial company, this free & premium industrial joomla templates is exactly what you need. Let you customers enjoy the industrial concept before they enjoy your highly professional industrial services. Nowadays, industrial companies have to show themselves as providers of eco friendly services, to succeed in their business. If you want to make the first step in this direction, the template you see here will be a true boon. Once people enter your website, they will feel safe from any pollutants with the help of its soothing color scheme that can drive away any hints of danger. Moreover, enterprises that will use this product will be able to demonstrate their high standards of quality and security through a slider of images. If someone gets interested in the advertized services, a built in Google map will tell where their provider is located. Don’t miss your chance to help factories and plants contribute to saving ecosystems of our planet with this template.

Does AI Seek Empathy?

Different kinds of businesses are investing in artificial intelligence improves operations and customer experience. However, it is becoming frustrating to interact with the machine on a daily basis.

How to Write, Compile and Run Your First Java Program?

A crazy computer and programming lover. He spend most of his time in programming, blogging and helping other programming geeks.

How to dynamically initialize any arguments in Ruby ?

The implementation below is very handy when you are you are not really concerned about a number or a quality of arguments you are setting (maybe you are prototyping ? consuming 3rd party API ?)

How to Reset Your WordPress Website Using the WordPress Plugin?

In this article, we will have a look at the most discussed topic of how to reset your WordPress site using different tactics.

How to Become a Better Coder?

That’s an easy career improvement goal to give oneself, but “become a kick-ass programmer” is not a simple goal. For one thing, saying, “I want to get better” assumes that you recognize what “better” looks like. Plus, too many people aim for improvement without any sense of how to get there.

What Is R Programming And What Is It Used For?

R programming has grown in popularity over the past five years, and here we look at its rise as well as why it's become more popular and what it's used for.

Rolling With These Hot Mobile App UI Design Trends Of 2020

For all the mobile app developers out, you need to understand that mobile app design plays a very crucial role in the user’s decision-making process.

How to scan QR codes with Android phones (With Pictures): Android 9, Android 8 and below

Scan QR Codes on Android 9, Android 8 without an app and find out the best QR code reader for Android 7 and below.

8 Best Apps to Track Lost or Stolen Android Devices

In today’s digital world, it’s not just the monetary loss that might worry you on losing a mobile device, but the data loss is more troublesome for anyone. If you’ve ever lost your mobile phone, like me; or if you’re in the habit of forgetting or misplacing your phone around, you must get a location-tracking app.

Behind every business’s success, there is a strategy that keeps evolving. If you’ve been doing business for any amount of time, you would know that creative thinking, good quality products that are more likely to generate leads, etc. must be done to grab the attention of your potential audience. However, I’ve come across many headlines stating that businesses often fail when there’s no marketing plan or strategy. Even if you have the best product, you won’t be able to generate revenue if there’s no one to notice it!