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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for Top 5 exhilarating water sports in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka – Feed your thrill-seeking spirit
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Top 5 exhilarating water sports in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka – Feed your thrill-seeking spirit

If you need a break from your monotonous routine, Hikkaduwa can grant you that. The Idea of a break differs though. While some like to relax, others like to put their adventurous spirit to test.


Whale Watching

This is fun and awe-inspiring in equal measure. Watching the biggest mammoths in the world shooting out of the water and plunging right back into the deep sea is something anyone will enjoy immensely. To watch these rather introverted creatures, you need to venture into their natural habitat, and you can do that if you are in Hikkaduwa. The chances are your Hikkaduwa resort will arrange the excursion if it is the likes of Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon. With the planning and arrangement of the activity left to professionals, the only thing you have to do is enjoy the excursion.



Another fun and demanding activity you can try out is snorkelling. It is a shame if you miss out on snorkelling while in Hikkaduwa. You don't have to swim far away from the beach to see the beautiful corals that make the underwater world magical. What's more, in addition to this underwater decorative, you can also see groups of fish that make the ocean enchanting with their widespread presence. You might be a beginner, but you have nothing to worry about, there's a myriad of dive schools that'll take on the responsibility of instructing you.



Yet another thrilling aquamarine activity, surfing is another highlight Hikkaduwa is famous for. If you are faint-hearted, you should steer clear of this one, but if you are someone who constantly seeks thrill and adventure, this water sport is meant for you. You must be really good at balancing, and it demands an advanced skillset. However, if you don't have the skillset, you shouldn't let that put you off, you can do armature surfing stuff in Hikkaduwa, by doing so, you'll gain the practice needed to proceed to the next level of surfing.


River Safari

The small village of Balapitiya is found in Hikkaduwa. The Madhu River runs through the village which makes river safaris possible. The river banks are beautified by mangrove trees which is what makes visitors want to go on boat rides in the river. After enjoying all the thrilling water sports, if you want to dial down all that excitement, you should go for a river safari. Your journey will be made better by the presence of migratory and endemic birds that populate the vicinity.


Glass Boats

Do you feel left out while your more adventurous friends enjoy all the exciting water sports? Well, you shouldn't have to feel that way if you are in Hikkaduwa. Glass boats bring a close encounter of the sea for those who haven't perfected the art of sailing, diving, snorkelling and swimming. The boat comes with a glass-bottom making the crystal clear water visible at your feet. This is also the perfect option for someone who's not very keen on getting soaked in the water yet loves the sea.

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