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Great Real Estate Articles From Around The Web

There is a lot of real estate content on the web. Some of this content is great while some is not. We scour online real estate content to find the most useful articles. Our focus is on finding helpful content for homebuyers and home sellers.

6 Outdoor Upgrades for Your Grasslands Lakeland FL Home for Sale - Lakeland Real Estate

Whenever putting your Lakeland FL Grasslands home up for sale, one of the first things potential buyers see is the exterior of your house. Your outdoor space is the big welcome mat for potential buyers. Check out these 6 low-maintenance and affordable upgrades that will help add value to your home:

Minor Home Improvement Projects Can Provide Major Returns

Home Improvements and upgrades are the fastest way to increase the value of your home. Learn about the projects that increase value while saving money.

Can Smart Technology Help You Sell Your Home Faster? - Newport Beach, CA Real Estate & Homes for Sale

Smart technology -can it help to sell your home faster? The answer to the question is yes. But, what is smart technology and what does it do?

What Types of Flooring Do Home Buyers Prefer? - Massachusetts Real Estate News

Real Estate News and Views for Metrowest Massachusetts. Published by Bill Gassett RE/MAX Executive Realty

Dark floors vs Light floors - Pros and Cons - The Flooring Girl

What are the pros and cons with dark hardwood floors vs light hardwood floors? Which is more stylish, shows dirt less, lasts longer, and costs less?

Exploring The Merits of Smart Home Technology When Selling a Home

The local real estate marketplace. Search tons of for-sale listings, local real estate tips, and more!

What are iBuyers and How Do They Work?

iBuyers are a popular trend in todays real estate market, these are institutional buyers. Learn how the iBuyer process works

What is a Home Energy Audit and Can It Help Me Sell My House?

Energy efficiency is becoming an important feature for many homebuyers. The best way to get a sense how your home stacks up is to get a Home Energy Audit.

iBuyer Programs 💰Are they Worth It? Or a Rip Off? Pros and Cons

Did you receive an offer from an iBuyer? Are these programs worth it? or a rip off? Learn from our experience and research and find out the pros and cons of ... Working with iBuyers

17 Ways You Can Save Energy During The Winter

No matter how you heat your home, it's a good idea to make sure it's energy efficient. This means eliminating leaks and drafty areas of the home.

USDA Loans - How Do They Work?

USDA loans or rural development loans are one of the most overlooked loan types available to homebuyers. These loans are guarenteed by the USDA

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Resale

Great kitchens sell houses. If you are preparing to sell your house, don't forget to get your kitchen ready. Minor tweeks or major updates, can both help.

Preparing for Your Closing - Checklist -Home Sellers Closing Checklist

This Home Sellers Closing Checklist will help you get from Under Contract to Closed. There are so many details to keep track of during the process of selling...

Cash Buyers for Homes - Pros and Cons of This Type of Sale

Cash buyers for homes have been around forever. Recently they have gotten more popular with the introduction of iBuyers. What are the Pros and Cons?

Guide to Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing your home can be an exciting adventure or a complete nightmare. Planning is the key to a successful downsizing. We will step you through the process of selling your existing home and navigating into your next, smaller, simpler place.

Selling a House "As-Is"- What You Need to Know

The concept of selling a house “as-is” has been around for a long time. Typically used by institutional sellers, as-is gained popularity during the last recession. While the idea may sound appealing to many home sellers, there are a lot of things to consider before going this route.

Title vs Deed - Is There a Difference?

The terms Title vs Deed are often confused or misused. Title is a concept while the deed is in essence how you acquire title to the property.

Condos vs Townhouses - What's the difference?

Many people are confused about the terms Condos and Townhouse. Find out what's the difference between condos vs townhomes relates to before you buy your next one.

real insights - Condo vs Townhouse Insurance

real insights - Condo vs Townhouse Insurance -

Buyer Feedback Can Help Sell Your Home

Buyer feedback after a house viewing is an important tool for home sellers. This feedback serves as real world intelligence about your competition...

Negotiating After the Home Inspection for Home Sellers - Realty Times

As a home seller, there are many difficult hurdles during the home sales process. At times negotiations can become heated and you, the home seller mig...

How to Approach the Home Inspection Negotiation: Smart Strategies

Are you ready for the Home Inspection Negotiation? Use these smart strategies to determine how to negotiate the essential items to repair.

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It never seems like the perfect time to buy a home. Depending on the condition of the market, there are several strategies homebuyers can leverage to minimize the risk.

Selling a House in Poor Condition

You do have options