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Mutual Fund Market

Stock or Share trading online: Check out one of the most reliable online trading platforms for stocks or shares & start trading in the share market online, all by yourself with HDFC Securities. You can now open your trading account with HDFC Securities and begin trading!

"Indian Live Share/Stock Market - For a whole perspective into the share market, HDFC Securities gives live share/stock prices, NSE & BSE live share prices, latest news of equity market among the others. Keep yourself updated on the stock market statistics & more with HDFC securities. "

Initial Public Offering(IPO): An initial public offering or IPO listing is when a company offers its equity shares for the first time to the public on the stock market. Know everything about investment and trading in IPO at HDFC securities.

Best Mutual Funds: Know the complete list of top mutual funds to invest in, based on your necessities & risk profile at HDFC securities. Get thorough research reports mutual funds nav, investment, equity etc. to choose and invest in the most suitable fund with ease.

Investing in Mutual Funds is now without complicated paperwork. Know all about Mutual Fund investment with minimal amounts and the best online mutual funds at HDFC securities.

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is a disciplined way of investing in mutual funds with a fixed amount regularly. Here's the complete list of top SIP mutual funds. Begin investing in mutual fund SIP based on your requirements with HDFC Securities.

DIYSIP allows you to plan your finance and invest at affordable rates according to your suited necessities and the risk factor. Learn all about diysip investment(equity in sip) and have your own created systematic investment plan at HDFC Securities.

Derivatives are tradable financial securities, based on the underlying market such as stocks, currencies etc. Derivatives Market in India lets you trade in two different sections of derivative products - Equity and Currency. Get to know about derivatives or futures trading here.

NPS or National Pension System gives employees guarantee to both savings and pension. Like the provident fund, the NPS scheme is the perfect solution to build savings for retirement. Invest in the National Pension System with HDFC Securities.

Corporate FDs are fixed deposit held over a fixed period at set rates of interest, offered by Financial and Non-Banking financial companies. Know, select and stay up to date with the best company fixed deposit with HDFC securities.

Top Market Gainers in NSE/BSE: Get a complete list of the top gainers in the share/stock market. Stay informed about their current share price, % gain and fundamentals of each stock in NSE/BSE and their performance at HDFC securities.

Currency Derivatives or Currency Future involves the exchange of one currency for another at a fixed date in the future and a specified rate. With HDFC Securities, get details on currency markety and latest currency report, offering retail investors an opportunity to trade.

NSE 52 Weeks Low Stocks/Shares - 52 Week Low indicates a stock’s low points achieved during 52 weeks. Get a complete list of stocks near NSE 52 week low with a general view of the markets today and the current value of stocks through HDFC Securities.

Check out the list of Top Losers in NSE/BSE along with the current price, fundamentals of each stock of the companies. Stay up to date about the top NSE losers of the equity market or any other index at HDFC securities.

New Fund Offer Mutual Fund - Here's a complete list of all the NFO mutual funds from various asset management companies by HDFC Securities. Check out the detailed information on new nfo mutual funds online in the market.

Top Mutual Funds to Invest - Check out the list of best performing mutual funds in India from multiple sections. Know about the % return, nav, dividend & more. Get the top mutual funds to invest in at HDFC Securities.

Tax Saving Mutual Funds - Know all about the best tax saving mutual funds with HDFC Securities. Begin to invest in the top tax saving mutual funds like ELSS, Debt, Balanced & Equity based on different parameters like the risk factor, return amount & necessities.

ETF Trading: Exchange Traded Funds are investment funds that are listed and traded on exchanges like stocks. ETF offer liquidity & tax-free dividends at a lower cost. Invest in various Index ETFs, Gold ETFs & other ETFs with HDFC Securities trading account. Click here to understand more!

Best ELSS Funds - ELSS offers tax-efficient returns and tax-free dividends. Check out the best equity linked savings schemes with HDFC Securities. Invest in ELSS and obtain the best tax benefits. Click here to know all about ELSS funds.

Non-convertible debentures (NCD) are issued by high ranked companies and cannot be converted into shares or equities. Know the best opportunity for secured NCD Investment in the secondary market with HDFC Securities & get benefits such as no upfront tax, good liquidity, better returns etc.

Pension Calculator: The Retirement savings calculator helps you form a financial plan based on your end goal for your retirement. Check out the online retirement calculator to plan your retirement effectively and live your life hassle-free with HDFC securities.

Travel Budget Calculator: Plan your travel efficiently with the travel cost calculator. The calculator for travel planning helps you to understand the amount you need to save for your upcoming holiday. Check out the travel cost calculator at HDFC Securities and have stress free vacations.

Child Education Plan Calculator: Plan your Child's future education and understand how much amount you need to save. With HDFC Securities, use the Online Child Education cost planning calculator and make your child's future secure.

Lump Sum Calculator helps to understand how small investments at regular period for better returns in the long run. HDFC securities offer the best Lumpsum investment calculator, which allows you to calculate the results and plan your investments effectively. Click here to know more!

The child marriage plan calculator helps you understand and pre-plan savings with various investment schemes as per your preferences for the future event. Check out the children marriage planning calculator and plan a memorable wedding with HFDC Securities.