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23 Tips for Content Marketing

Tips and advice for your B2B Content Marketing from the team at


Getting Started with Content Marketing | Strategy

How to begin your content marketing strategy to attract more potential customers with relevant and engaging material

Content Marketing for Small Business B2B Companies | Content Marketing

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Companies

How to Use a Reference Document | Strategy

Guide to filling out a reference document as part of a content marketing strategy

Create Your First Buyer Persona | Target Market

How to create your first buyer persona for market targeting to attract your ideal customer

Managing A Content Marketing Editorial Calendar | Strategy

How to plan, track and manage an editorial calendar for content marketing publishing.

History of the Editorial Calendar | Software

History of the editorial calendar focusing on recent developments

How to Publish a Regular Blog Post | Content Marketing

The steps you need to take when publishing a blog post

Starting Your Business Blog: 5 Fresh Tips | Content Marketing

5 tips for writing and growing your business blog

Turning Traffic into Conversions | Target Market

How to attract your ideal customers to your website and convert that traffic into customers

Using Landing Pages | Target Market

How to use landing pages to convert traffic into leads and sales

Identify Your Customer's Pain and Offer Solutions | Target Market

How to attract more customers by identifying the pain they are experiencing and providing solutions to that pain.

How to Write Different Industries | Target Market

How to create content which is targeted toward different industries

How to Identify Influencers | Content Marketing

Guide to the steps you can use to identify influencers, using Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Amazon and Conference Speakers

What is a Content Audit | Strategy

Guide to performing a content audit on your website

The Role of Content in a Conversion Architecture | Content Marketing

Guide to content which you should include to convert prospects into customers

The Role of Audience Segmentation in Content Planning | Content Marketing

How to use audience segmentation to tailor the content you are planning to create to your target audience

How Experts Analyze Content Marketing Data | Content Marketing

Guide to method used by marketing experts when analyzing content marketing data

Tips for Managing Multiple Editorial Calendars on the Go | Editorial Calendar

Guide to managing multiple editorial calendars for content marketing

How to Publish to Different CMS from One Editorial Calendar | Editorial Calendar

How to use Marketing.AI's Editorial Calendar to publish to multiple CMS such as Wordpress and Hubspot

Strategies for Target Audience Exit Pages | Target Market

How to apply strategies that tailor content on your highest exit pages to more successfully convert your target audience.

What is a Conversion? | Conversion Architecture

Description of what a website conversion is and the steps a customer takes on their conversion path.

7 Tips for Plugging Gaps in Your Conversion Architecture | Strategy

How to plug gaps in your website's conversion architecture to increase conversions and sales

Hacking Growth with Clarity | Strategy

Is the Ultimate Growth Hack? That's what I thought to myself when I first started trying out the service, as part of research into our new Growth