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When is an Asset Protection Attorney Right for Me?

When you find an asset protection legal professional, it's time to get to work. During the initial meeting, you will have to discuss the basic components of your plan and what assets you want to protect. This is the best time to ask about fees, deadlines and what you expect. Also, ask about a written financial agreement, model engagement letters and other important aspects that are relevant to your case.


Estate Tax Exemptions Portability - What is it, and how does it work?

Portability is a fairly new concept and it has only been available since 2011. Since then, thousands of couples have taken advantage of this important financial benefit offered by the federal government. According to the exemption, the couples can split their taxes and get the best financial tax benefit. Depending on the date of a spouse's death, the exemptions can exceed the $22 million mark.

Why Should You Consider a Revocable Living Trust Lawyer

The main advantage of using a revocable living trust is to avoid lengthy probate procedures. Other important benefits include privacy protection and flexibility during the inheritance process.

What is Business Succession Planning and What Are the Benefits?

The business world is incredibly competitive and everything can happen instantly, so your business must need to have some type of protection when you are no longer present. If you do not implement a good business succession plan, your business might not be around after you die. So, let's go over the main benefits of business succession planning:

4 Foundations for Effective Business Succession Planning

Effective business succession planning is something that requires time and patience in order to ensure that the business will function successfully when future leaders come to take on their new roles. Planning for what the business will look like in twenty years from now will be helpful due to the fact that both it and the industry it is a part of will be different than what it is today.

How to Protect Your Personal Property After Separation

Some married couples view legal separation as a temporary period where they are legally married but physically separated. It is highly recommend that an lawyer’s services is secured in order to reduce and address grievances associated with personal properties of both parties.

A Guide To International Estate Tax Planning

Heller Espenkotter offers a wide range of international tax planning services with the objective of achieving global tax efficiency. Our proper international estate plan is providing protection to keep the assets out of litigation.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement Law Firm

If you are planning to be married soon and are thinking about getting a prenuptial agreement, you have come to the right place. Our Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement attorneys provide services involving prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. To discuss your assets, property protection and finances call Heller Espenkotter .

Estate Planning Tips: Find the Right Estate Planners for You

Good estate attorneys can also help you create a plan for life insurance and long-term physical or mental health issues. They can offer help to their clients by drawing up healthcare directives, powers of attorney or living wills.

Charitable Lead Trusts: Is This Right For Me?

A charitable trust is designed to reduce a beneficiary's potential tax liability, during the inheritance procedures. It is one of the main types of irrevocable trusts. It is used to provide financial support to one or more charitable organizations for a determined period of time.

Asset Protection Attorney and Why You Need One

Estate planning can help you avoid the difficult inheritance legal issues. When you also have an asset protection plan for your estate, you will be able to fully protect your assets during inheritance procedures. Contact your asset protection law firm and review your asset protection and estate plans regularly, or whenever your portfolio changes.

What Is A Postnuptial Agreement And Why To Contact An Attorney?

The postnuptial agreement, also known as a postmarital agreement, is a legal document designed for couples who are already married and want to settle important legal matters after the marriage. Similar to a prenuptial agreement, the postnuptial agreement will deal with the assets of the couple and who they will be distributed in case of divorce or legal separation.