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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 30, 2019
Headline for 6 Best street food to enjoy in Bangkok - The must-try dishes for a delightful experience!
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6 Best street food to enjoy in Bangkok - The must-try dishes for a delightful experience!

You can find all kinds of delightful food items in the streets of Bang Kok. There are too many to choose from! Here are some of the best street food times you should not miss out on when in Bang Kok.


Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken being on top of this list is no surprise. Who can deny a delicious plate of fried chicken? Everyone loves it so much so that there are numerous chicken recipes in the world today. The gai tod or the fried chicken as we know it is a favourite among the locals. The juicy tender flesh is laced with incredible flavours which will tantalise your taste buds!


Thai Fish Cakes

The Thai fish cakes are a true delight. Why? Well, there is no batter in it and therefore you can get a good bite into the fresh herbs, spices and fish! The fish cakes are full of authentic Thai flavours as local chillies, shrimp paste and kaffir lime leaves are added. You can order a plate of sticky rice and enjoy these local delicacies!


Fried Quail Eggs

Another staple street food in Bang Kok is fried quail eggs. Locals refer to it as the, khanom krok khai nok krata, and is the number one option if you want something delicious, hot and fast! The tiny eggs are full of flavour! When heading to Bang Kok to try out the local cuisine, make sure to book accommodation that is centrally located. These are where the street food sections of the city are. For instance, you can look for a serviced apartment in Bangkok near BTS Station, the likes of Somerset Sukhumvit Thonglor Bangkok.


Crispy Pancakes

Next on the list are the crispy pancakes. These pancakes have been around for six centuries and are deeply rooted in the culture. This is a sweet dish that requires meticulous prep. The time taken to make this dish is well worth it as its absolutely delicious!


Sweet rice cakes

This is traditional food that is something of a special treat for the ones with a sweet tooth. These rice cakes are made out of rice flours and coconut cream. Everyone, from locals to foreigners, loves to grab the sweet rice cakes as a dessert or a snack. Besides, the dish also has a sad tale of star crossed lovers. Make sure to ask the vendor to relate it to you. A great dessert with a story? What can get better than this?


Jim Jum

How about a clay pot dish? Clay pots are quite incredible and have flavours you might not have really tasted before. Jim Jum is prepared in a clay pot containing a porky broth. The pot sits on a bed of hot charcoal. The vendor will place all the different ingredients that make up the dish which includes cabbage, meats, glass noddles, and so on. Then he will throw it all into the pot and get the ingredients to boiled, which will be ready to eat in a span of a few minutes.