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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 30, 2019
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05 Tempting Dishes and Drinks to Try in the Maldives - A foodie journey on the island

Although Maldives is popular for being a great holiday destination in the world, it also offers some amazing food and drinks for you to try out.



This is known as one of the most popular comfort foods that are found in most Maldives restaurants that the natives love to enjoy on a regular basis. No trip to this country would be complete without you trying a plate of this refreshing broth that is infused with fish. Made using fresh tuna, salt, pepper, and a few other aromatic spices, this soup is served on its own usually or also can be eaten along with rice, lime, onions and chillies. This is also the perfect comfort food after a tiring day of exploring the Maldives.


Mas Huni

This dish will be found in the breakfast spreads and buffets that you will come across at luxury resorts the likes of Milaidhoo Island Maldives. In simple terms, this is the official breakfast of Maldives. It is also popular because it is so yummy, and is made with tiny pieces of fish that have been cooked and smoked to perfection along with grated coconut shavings and onions. This popularly prepared breakfast dish is a great example of the Maldivian cuisine and what it has to offer in terms of taste and simplicity along with memorable flavours. This can be consumed on its own or also be used as a filling in buns and some bread.


Kulhi Boakiba

This is a fish cake that you definitely must try while in the Maldives. Though it is similar to the fish cakes found in the other parts of the world it has its own twist that speaks much of the Maldivian cuisine. Along with using seafood, this dish is quite spicy so be prepared before you take a bite.



If you like pastries and savoury items then you will love bajiya. This is yet another savoury pastry with the unique Maldivian twist, with coconuts and onion found inside of it. The addition of these two ingredients makes this dish have a crunchy texture along with the flavour that cannot be described until you try it yourself. If you are travelling with children ordering this snack for a late evening meal after a day of exploring would be a great idea. This will also be a good snack to pack if you are planning on having a picnic by the beach with your loved ones and family.



As you might have noticed already, most of the popular Maldivian food include seafood as the main ingredient and this is no different. If you have a taste for creatively made seafood snacks, you will love this version of the fried fish. These are deep-fried rolls that have a filling which is made of any kind of seafood. These rolls are similar to the usual rolls in parts of the world but something about the taste makes the people love it just that much more. Make sure you divide all the dishes and try them out with plenty of gaps in between and not have them all in a day or two.

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