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Useful Tips on Designing a Commercial Space That Works for You

An appealing commercial setting can only create a positive impression on your employees, partners and customers.
Renovating a space is a difficult process and can end up costing you a lot more than planned.
Find all the tips you need to design a commercial space from scratch or renovate it. We write a lot about flooring and window treatments but also expands on furnishing and office designs that improve productivity.

LVT and LVP: The Luxury Floorings You Can Afford

Adapting to modern times and currently trending in our homes and offices, luxury vinyl tiles and planks have become the popular choice when it comes to flooring. So what it is exactly and why has it become such an attractive option?

Reduce Your Joint Pains, Change Your Flooring | Jupps Floor Coverings

Experiencing back pain or joint pains is usually quite common if you spend your day cooped up in the office or outside doing laborious work. But as common as it is, simply ignoring the issue will not make it go away and can actually get worse and have a negative impact on your daily life. In this time and age, we cannot afford to take time off to recuperate or claim that heavily frowned upon, workers compensation. If you are currently suffering from these pains or would just like to know how to prevent them here are some simple tips to guide you.

Office Flooring Types - Pros and Cons | Jupps Floor Coverings

You want to change your office flooring, have gone through what types are available but aren't sure yet of what is best? This compiled list of pros and cons will surely help you weigh in your commercial flooring options.We cover: carpet tiles, broadloom carpet, vinyl sheet, LVT, laminate and tiles

A Sustainable Future Starts With A Greener Office: 8 Ways to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

The urge to make the world a greener place has become more apparent over the years as the levels of plastic begins to increase in our oceans. With these quick and simple tips, your business can contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. If you are about to refurbish your commercial space, what about thinking bigger and take the environmental impact of your flooring, furnishing, kitchen design and business habits into account?

Vinyl Sheet Vs Vinyl Planks | Jupps Floor Coverings

Whether you’re deciding between vinyl sheet flooring or vinyl plank flooring for your business, to luxury vinyl tiles for your home, we lay out the facts to help you make the right choice.

How To Make Your Office A Greener Place | Jupps Floor Coverings

Whether you're a nature lover, or a business owner looking to kick some butts into gear, here's a quick guide on how to make your office a greener place. Nowadays, there are plenty of layout and options to pick from to get your office looking a little bit more alive and green. From real plants to fake ones, already potted plants deliveries or green walls, some businesses in Australia made this whole process stress free and adaptable to your settings.

6 Ways to Reduce Office Noise and Increase Productivity | Jupps Floor Coverings

With noise being one of the biggest challenges in the Australian workplace, we have listed top 6 ways to help reduce the noise in your office, some easy to implement, other that will require a little bit of investment.

Floorings that can resist the Australian heat and sun exposure

If your business has a lot of windows and sunlight coming through, select a flooring that can resist the exposure. Why do we mean by that? We mean a flooring type whose colour won't fade away, contract, melt or burn up. Laminate, LVT, hardwood, hybrid flooring, and concrete are all good options to look at.

How to Rent Out Your Commercial Space in Perth | Jupps Floor Coverings

Whether it’s your current tenant’s lease approaching its final months, or your first foray into leasing, chances are you’re considering the best way to make your space as appealing as it can be. Your potential commercial tenant is going to have a sharp eye for detail and lot of questions when they arrive, so best to be prepared beforehand.

When is it time to replace your office building flooring? | Jupps Floor Coverings

How long an office floor lasts depends on a number of factors, though whether you’re dealing with vinyl, tiled,concrete or carpet flooring, there will be tell-tale signs you can spot that the office is ready for some new groundwork. While age is one of the main factors, others come into account. If your business has grown and is facing new challenges like increasing noise or alarmingly high heating cost, laying a new flooring might be the best long term fix.

The Best Bathroom Flooring Options | Jupps Floor Coverings

While it is important to pay attention to the space your employees would use a lot while working, bathrooms tends to be put in the backend. Bathrooms that look fresh, clean and well maintained will create positive impression though and shouldn't be designed in a hurry. To make the process of choosing your bathroom flooring easier so you can get back to relaxing, we have come up with the top 5 best flooring options.

Take a Seat, Stay Awhile | Jupps Floor Coverings

Designing a space isn't just about floorings, carpet and paint.As diverse as a bag of smarties and as intricate as a double helix, Australian designer furniture brands continues to astound on an international level combining multiculturalism and lifestyle influences to provide an authentic experience to all customers.