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Updated by Anupama Prasad on Oct 30, 2019
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Why Should I Change My Engine Oil

Changing engine oil regularly is important, heavy duty engine oil or synthetic oil for cars at the least, as engines are made of many moving parts, and these parts are required to be lubricated so damages can be avoided. The engine’s oil provides this fundamental function, hence changing it regularly is recommended.


heavy duty engine oil or synthetic oil for cars

heavy duty engine oil or synthetic oil for cars

After some time, the oil becomes polluted with dirt, debris and dust from the vehicle’s engine and the environment as well. And when it happens, oil cannot do its job properly. Also, proactively maintaining or changing your vehicle’s filter and oil will promote better engine performance and avoid you from paying high amounts for repairs.

Considering the hassle, and the expenses of not changing engine compared to regularly changing your engine oil, there is no reason why not consider the latter.

You might be asking “which oil for my car is best”, it is highly recommended that you choose the #BestCarEngineOil or fully synthetic engine oil to ensure the best possible performance at a longer time.

To help you understand why this is an important thing to do, read the bulleted information below:


Sustains engine lubrication:

Imagine all vehicle’s moving parts valves, pistons and other parts of engine moving at a high speed under your car’s hood, they produce heat and unfortunately will wear down if oil lubrication is not done right. It is important that you read your manual to ensure what weight and grade of oil you need, whether engine oil for diesel car or other oil types. Also, you need to make sure it is always filled at the right volume


Cools the components of your engine

Moving parts of the vehicles that are not lubricated right may produce friction which in the end creates heat. Proper cleaning and right amount of oil can be a perfect solution so overheating and fiction of your engine can be avoided.


Removes engine’s wear sludge and particles

This you have to remember, dirt particles are very harmful to your engines. In the end, these dirt and dust can decrease the car’s engine life and it may also create corrosion. Also, in the long-run, the oil will break down and will turn to “sludge”. To avoid this from happening, it is recommended that you keep your engine clean all the time. Routine filter and oil changes can help remove sludge and particles and make your vehicle run to its best condition.


Increases mileage

One of the reasons why people are suggested to clean their engine regularly is the increased gas or diesel consumption. When changing the engine’s oil, it is also recommended that you consider the best engine oil brand and the best diesel fuel additive so great performance will be enjoyed for a long period of time.


It can help you reach your vehicle’s maximum lifespan

If you were able to use the best coolant for cars and the best engine oil available in the market today, expect that your vehicle will reach its maximum life potential. When the engine is running smoothly and right, you should not worry about early breakage of your vehicles.



Now that you know the importance of changing your car engine oil, there is no reason why would you not consider doing it regularly. There are some car enthusiasts who can do this activity on their own, but if you are one of those people who cannot, it is highly advised that you seek help from professionals. You would never want to go wrong changing your car’s engine oil as that will defeat the purpose of doing so.