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05 Benefits of Cleaning up The Beach - Healthy living, healthy lands

First of all, nobody should need a reason to keep a place clean or clean up after themselves, but here are a few benefits of doing so.


The health benefits of being on a beach

Everybody knows that hanging at a beach instantly relaxes you as the hypnotic sound and visual of the waves takes all the stress away. But it has been scientifically proven that beaches have health benefits. They are good for your body especially if you are walking on the beach. Spending more time on the beach will also mean spending more time under the Sun and you will get more vitamin D in your body which is good for your bones. Hanging out at the beach will also keep your blood pressure lower, support your immune system and shockingly, help with arthritis.


Saving the moraine animals

If you have an active online presence, you will know that the ones who suffer the most due to pollution are marine animals. The sea lives are lost every day, due to more and more pollution being dumped in their living area. Thus, clean beaches will also mean that all the garbage on the sand will get washed into the sea during heavy rain or when the tides are high. This garbage, in turn, will go pollute the deeper seas and even strangle some smaller fish and marine animal. By removing the litter close to the water in the beach, you are making sure that it doesn't get to the water and destroy of the lives of the animals that in no way contributed to littering the beach. If you are out on a holiday at a beach destination, for instance at a Bentota hotel the likes of AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa, make sure you clean up of after yourself at the end of your day of hanging out at the beach.


You end up preserving the natural treasures

The Earth is not just for us to enjoy, there are so many other lives that depend on it and the future generations of human beings will also have to depend on it. By cleaning up after yourself, whether it is at a beach or any other place, you are contributing to preserving what nature offers to humankind.


Keeping toxic chemicals away from the water

By not letting litter and garbage get into the water you are making sure that so many chemicals and toxic products are not going into the water. One of the most dangerous things that can get dumped at the beaches is cigarette butts. By cleaning up the beach you are making sure that the marine life does not get addicted to nicotine too.


Helping the local economy

If your country depends on tourism, then, by cleaning the beaches of your area, you make sure that the local attractions are pleasant to look at thereby making more people visit it on a daily basis. Nobody wants to visit an already trashed beach that looks like a garbage dump.

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