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LED Lighting Solutions

Things to consider before buying High Mast LED Lights - LED Buyer's Guide

High mast poles consist of various components including ropes, pulleys, winches, etc. Here are things that you should keep in mind before buying High Mast Lighting fixtures.

Things to consider before buying Surface Mounted Luminaires - LED Buyer's Guide

Surface-mounted luminaires offer uniform illumination & encourage cost efficiency. Here are some important points you should keep in mind before buying surface-mounted luminaires.

4 Benefits of Landscape Lighting - Landscape Lighting Solutions - Garden Lighting - Wipro Lighting

it is important to understand the different aspects of landscape lighting in order to enhance your outdoor space. Let us look at the key benefits of landscape lighting solutions.

Best Ways Smart Lighting Solutions can benefit your Business - Intelligent LED Lighting - Wipro Lighting

Installation of smart lighting solutions in office spaces guarantees long-term benefits to companies. Here are 4 ways smart lighting solutions can benefit your business.

Best ways to choose Lighting Solution for Pathology Lab Lighting - Pharmaceutical Lighting Solution

Pathology labs require a carefully designed lighting solution that ensures proper illumination that enhances alertness levels of the workers. Here are some of the key benefits of using LED lights in pathology labs.

5 Benefits of using LED Flood Lights - Outdoor Floodlight Fixtures

floodlights are vital for areas that require proper illumination during operational hours. LED floodlights remain unaffected by weather changes and temperature fluctuations.

Benefits of using LED Lights in Parking Lots - Best LED Lighting Solution

Installing LED lights not only ensures safety but also encourages energy and cost-efficiency. Using LEDs can help parking lot owners to reap multiple benefits.

LED lighting trends that will dominate 2020 - LED Lighting Industry - Wipro Lighting

LED lighting industry expected to emerge as the fastest growing segment in the general lighting industry. Know some of the LED lighting trends that the year 2020 may experience.

Lighting industries are adopting all possible changes that can improve both the quantity and quality of products. Here are some of the most common types of LED lighting fixtures that are used in industries.

LED lighting in the Indian Automotive Industry - Industry LED Lighting Fixtures

LED lighting is gaining prominence in the automotive sector. LED lighting industry in India in on a rise and is projected to grow at a CAGR of almost 27%.

Why LEDs are best for Showroom and Retail Store Lighting? - LED Downlights & Suspended Lighting - Wipro Lighting

Appropriate illumination is the key that makes offered products look more desirable. LEDs are the most favourable option when it comes to retail and showroom lighting.

Lighting industry has undergone a lot of innovative changes over the period of time. The modern world is still under the belief of false myths that surround the LED domain.

Here’s how LED Lights can redefine the meeting spaces while making the working environment productive

LED Buyer’s Guide: Landscape Luminaires

"Landscape lighting is a vital exterior designing element that can transform your backyard from basic to bling. These lighting solutions illuminate the outdoor living spaces like garden areas, terrace gardens, etc. and add to the overall aesthetics of the space.

The idea and implementation of outdoor landscape lighting has evolved over the period of time. Today, the traditional outdoor landscape luminaires have been replaced by landscape LED lights along with the integration of various other modern lighting techniques."

"Artificial lighting is known to largely determine the indoor environment and vibe of a workspace as it can influence the productivity and concentration levels of the employees. Thus, it is imperative for authorities to decide on the best interior lighting solutions in order to ensure proper functioning and optimal conduct of operations.

In such a scenario, indoor recessed lighting is one of the most popular lighting solutions that is being increasingly used in a variety of commercial spaces. It is a modern, practical, multifunctional, and visually-pleasing lighting solution that complements well with the décor and interiors of the space."

Importance of Lighting in Art Galleries - LED Lighting Fixtures - Wipro

Lighting in art galleries should primarily highlight the artifacts. LED Lights in the art-galleries compliments & displays the work in the best way possible.

What is Facade Lighting? Importance of Facade Lighting - Wipro

Illuminating facades with lights can transform a boring building into a real eye-catcher as it highlights the architecture and puts emphasis on key building features.

Light impacts our mind and body while we work. inSyncTM programmed lighting works in harmony with the earth’s natural lighting cycle.

Lighting industries are adopting all possible changes that can improve both the quantity and quality of products. Here are some of the most common types of LED lighting fixtures that are used in industries.

Li-Fi or ‘Light Fidelity’ is a wireless optical networking technology that makes use of LED lights to communicate and transmit data between devices wirelessly. LED lights form the basis of a wireless network whereas Li-Fi enables the transmission of data by modulating the intensity of these LED lights.

Smart Indoor LED Lights - Commercial Interior Indoor Lighting - Solar LED Indoor Luminaires - Wipro

Wipro Lighting offers smart indoor lighting solutions that are energy-efficient for commercial spaces. Indoor lighting fixtures provide a perfect blend of illumination & aesthetics.

Wipro Lighting offers LED lighting solutions that facilitate perfect vision for Pharma & Sterile. We have solutions for pharmaceutical, food & beverages, electronics & semi-conductor industries.

Indoor, Outdoor Commercial Lighting | LED Manufacturer in India- Wipro

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LED Buyer’s Guide: Floodlights

Floodlights are high-intensity luminaries that emit a broad beam of light for illuminating a large area. Here are some important factors that one should keep in mind before deciding on appropriate LED floodlights

4 Factors that influence the lifespan of LEDs

LED lights are known to last longer and have a lifespan of almost 50,000 hours. Here are some of the factors that can influence the lifespan of LED luminaires.

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