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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 30, 2019
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Ultimate Bali Bucket List - Check them all off

Bali is definitely on almost everybody's travel plans sometime in the near future and to know everything you must do to make that one trip count, read on.


Explore the historic sites

Being a country that is rich in cultural history and heritage in Seminyak has quite a lot of attractions when it comes to religious and historic significance. Make sure you keep aside some time to explore these kinds of attractions so you get what the place is really all about apart from the tourist attractions. If you are put up at a hotel the likes of Katamama make sure you keep aside a day or two during your trip just to head to the temples and other such Seminyak activities. Do not worry about missing out on stuff while you do this because even the views from the temples in Bali are outstanding, to say the least.


Partake in water sports activities

Needless to say, any trip that is near a water body or the ocean is a sign for you to partake in some water sports activities. Make sure you keep some time for jet skiing, white-water rafting, kneeboarding, scuba diving, taking a few boat rides, and good old swimming. The underwater attractions in Bali are amazing and you must not miss it. There are also great indoor and pool caves you could attempt to visit but it might take quite a while for you to get there.


Try the local cuisine

No holiday in any country on Earth is complete unless you try some of the local favourite foods and authentic meals. This is the same when you are travelling in an around Bali, Indonesia. Make sure you try out some of the popular street food snacks that are much loved by the natives. This part of Asia is known for frying up a lot of questionable things including cockroaches, thus, before you buy and place anything in your mouth make sure you ask what it is. Also, go to the food stalls recommended by people you know there or your hotel help desk as getting a bad stomach ache after eating oily street food is not something you want to be handled during the holiday abroad.


Check out the local markets

Weekend markets and night markets are popular in this part of Asia and you will definitely be missing out on a lot of fun if you don't keep some time aside to visit at least one such market. These places will be colourfully decorated with stalls lining every row. You will be able to find everything under the sun here at a much cheaper cost. From accessories to hand made artefacts, this is a great place for you to buy some souvenirs to take back home.


Go hiking

  1. Go hiking Bali offers great views if you are ready to put in some work and climb a Hill or two. There are many popular hiking trails in this part of Indonesia that you will instantly fall in love with once you reach the summit. Most of these climbs Take you about an hour or 3 to complete and get back down. Hiking while on a holiday will keep you fit and also add on to the list of adventurous activities you do.
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