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Five of the Craziest Foods You Can Find in Cambodia

The cuisine in Cambodia is highly influenced by its neighbouring countries, but since most of its dishes comes with the twist that is unique to the country, you must try them all.


Duck eggs

When it comes to Siem Reap dining at popular places like Anantara Angkor Resort, eating half boiled duck eggs are considered an acquired taste for the Food lover. These duck eggs are about 17 to 20 days old with a partially formed baby duck inside. This old-timey dish needs you to have a very strong sense of self control as the meal smells exactly as you would expect it to. In Cambodia, this dish is as popular as shawarma in Dubai or a burger in the United States of America. Since this dish is considered a delicacy in Cambodia, you definitely must try it, but only if you have the strength to do so.


Baby crocodiles

You guessed it right, this list definitely does not have normal-sounding food in it! Baby crocodiles are fried up and sold in Cambodia and they also do assure you that these animals are not endangered in the country. If you are brave enough to eat up the baby crocodile with its Rough skin and bones and all, go for it.



Another crazy dish on this list of Cambodian delicacies is frogs. In most countries in the world, it is common to see that frogs legs are considered to be a delicacy, but in Cambodia, they eat the whole animal. The most commonly used frogs in meals are the ones that can be found hopping around in the rice fields. These frogs are also easier to catch at night as they freeze of like deer caught in the headlights when you shine a light at them. The people in Cambodia stuff the belly of the frog with many ingredients and then gradually deep fry them to eat it. Though it might look like a stomach-churning meal, the people who have already tried this dish claim that it is amazing.



Just the thought of looking at the spider makes people's hair stand on its end, but the people of Cambodia catch the spiders, cook them and eat them. They claim that the spiders are full of protein and therefore, is a healthy snack for breakfast. These spiders are usually fried to be as crispy as possible.



Considered to be yet another healthy and nutritious snack in Cambodia, grasshoppers are offered as a side snack during a meal or as part of the main meal with rice and meat. This insect is even barbecued and the dish is considered to be a favourite treat in the country. Since grasshoppers are just usually crunchy and don't have much of a taste of their own it is important to fry them and with oils that have a good taste. Olive oil is a good choice to fry grasshoppers in as the crunchiness will also have a healthy twist to it.