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Facts about Fishing in Mozambique - For the Ultimate Expedition

Fishing is an art in itself and to know how you can have a great time while you are fishing on your holiday in Mozambique, read on.


Deep-sea fishing

If you are staying at one of the Mozambique resorts the likes of Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort and want to try your hand at fishing, deep-sea fishing is the way to go. With the amazing waters, the coastline offers you will be able to catch quite a variety of fish in these waters. The best time of the year to go fishing is at the end of January and from September to November.


Fly fishing

Unlike common fishing excursions, fly fishing is quite an interesting and even scary experience for some because you will get hit by quite a few fish right in your face. The kind of flying fish you will find in Mozambique are the queenfish, bonefish, ladyfish, and various types of kingfish. The best time to go fly fishing in Mozambique is from the month of March to July.


Level of experience for fishing

You do not have to be an expert fisherman to have fun during a holiday in Mozambique and try your hand at either deep-sea fishing of fly fishing. There are many centres and fishing centres that teach you even if you are a beginner and take you out on the boat so you can get a great day of fishing done. Though fishing for fun is considered a popular activity in Mozambique, releasing the fish once you catch it is highly recommended and encouraged.


For the beginners

When it comes to fishing there is never a time in life where you can say you know everything there is to know about it. Thus, regardless of whether you are an experienced fisherman or not you can rest assured that you will do good on the waters as long as you follow the instructions and not litter the ocean.


A few tips and tricks

Being patient and calm while your fish is one of the major traits you need to have to actually enjoy your time on the water. Furthermore, you cannot rush fishing and you cannot get impatient and keep shaking the sink line and hooks. Expecting the fish to chomp at it as soon as you put your bait in the water is not practical at all. Another thing you must remember as a beginner is that you need to always be aware of the power of the water. Thus, you should make sure you have your safety kit and do not take the eyes of the water or turn your back-to-the ocean, especially if you are close to rocks and are out in stormy weather. A random wave could sweep over your deck if you turn your back for a bit and could even take away all your belongings in just a matter of seconds. It is also better to check the weather and wind conditions before you head out to fish in Mozambique.