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Astonishing Facts About Dubai - You might haven’t heard these before

Dubai is quite a popular place in the world and you will hear facts and information about it on a daily basis. For some unique information about the country, read on.


It is very rare to meet a native

The natives of Dubai, that is the natives, usually, tend to keep to themselves and lay low in the country. It is hard to run into them in any part of Dubai as you will be exploring the tourism attraction area and probably be staying at one of the Palm Jumeirah hotels the likes of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. This would mean that you will only meet like-minded travellers and other people like you. The only place you might run into the natives might be at the border control as they work there but obviously this is not a good place to chat up with the locals and have a conversation. Also you must know that the expats in Dubai outnumber the natives. Most of the population in Dubai is made up of Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian people.


Dubai does not have as many tall buildings as you think

When you think of Dubai one of the first things that come to your mind would be tall skyscrapers that are close to the clouds, for instance, the Burj Khalifa. But when you think about it, it does not have that many skyscrapers compared to places like Hong Kong and New York. Hong Kong has about 6,500 such buildings while New York has about 6,200, Dubai has only about 1,300 completed skyscrapers. After Dubai hit a financial crisis in the year 2008, the rate and speed of such construction have slowed down considerably.


The police cars in Dubai

If you have a good online presence you would already know that the police cars in Dubai look like they came out of The Fast And The Furious Movie. You will find that the population roams the roads with a lot of supercars and the cops can definitely not catch up with troublemakers with slower cars, therefore they are given Ferraris, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis to keep up with the speed.


Dubai owes a lot to Abu Dhabi

Like stated above already, one of the first things that come to anybody's mind when you speak of Dubai is the Burj Khalifa but something you might not know is that during the building of the skyscraper, they hit some financial issues and the ruler of Abu Dhabi came to help. The building was actually called Burj Dubai meaning the Dubai tower, but it was renamed as Burj Khalifa because he helped them out with a massive sum of about 6 billion pounds.


The people of Dubai are very absent-minded

If you ever want proof about how rich the people of Dubai are, all you have to do is take a look at the lost and found boxes. People leave huge lumps of cash, diamond rings, and more expensive items in all parts of the country.