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Updated by Emma Kalman on Oct 29, 2019
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5 Foods That Will Whiten Your Teeth

Many of us consider the eyes a mirror of the soul, but we often forget about the smile. In reality, it can say a lot about a person.




Did you know that commonly used products found in any kitchen are able to return a natural color to the teeth? This method is quite effective and doesn’t harm your health. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about regular visits to the dentist’s office. In this article, we gathered five worthy products that will help restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, remove excess plaque and make you feel more confident when smiling.



Strawberry is a very useful berry especially due to malic acids contained in it. These acids are able to transform carbohydrates into energy for muscles. If you consume the proper amount of malic acids, it is very beneficial for your oral health because acids can eliminate dark stains on the teeth surface. There are a lot of ways to perform teeth whitening with the help of strawberries. You can smash them into a paste and mix it with a little baking soda. It could be used as a usual toothpaste for the additional natural whitening effect.

But it is recommended to use a fluoride-based mouthwash after brushing your teeth with this paste. It will help remove the remaining malic acids and strengthen your teeth in general. Even if you are not fond of strawberries, you can use apples, bananas, peaches, nectarines, and cherries. These fruits and berries also contain malic acids.


Cauliflower and celery

Cauliflower and broccoli are coarse vegetables that help to whiten your teeth. You should eat them raw in order to get the most noticeable result. It’s difficult to bite them and these vegetables remove stains from the surface of your teeth when you grind them. They also increase saliva production in the mouth when you chew them for a long time, which helps to remove stains.

Celery and carrots have increased water content and because of it, they help to make your gums stronger and leach food debris. The hard structure of celery also gives it the ability to clean your teeth. Celery and carrots physically remove surface stains from the enamel when you eat them raw.


Cheese and yogurt

Dentists recommend adding more dairy products into your diet in order to get a snow-white smile. Broccoli, dairy products such as cheese and yogurt increase saliva production in the mouth which helps to eliminate stains on the enamel. Cheese has one more benefit for whiter teeth. It contains lactic acid which abilities are similar to malic acid because it helps to erase stains from the surface of the teeth.



Pineapple is not only a tasty fruit, but it is also very beneficial because of the bromelain it contains. It is an enzyme that is used to decrease inflammation. Bromelain destroys the proteins on your teeth that helps to eliminate discoloration and stains. As soon as the proteins break down, your saliva naturally flushes away stains, making your teeth whiter.



Although onions will not bring much benefit to your breath, they contain sulfur compounds that prevent plaque formation on the teeth. However, fried or baked onions will not work. If you want to get all the advantages of this vegetable, you need to eat it raw.