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Headline for Useful Things to Know Before Going to Singapore – Knowing is half the journey made easy
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Useful Things to Know Before Going to Singapore – Knowing is half the journey made easy

Singapore is famous for its many rules and requirements in social conduct. It is best to have an idea about these customs before you head over to this vibrant little country. Here are a few very useful tips to keep for your trip.


Everyone wears flip flops

The weather is not seasonal but rather determined by the annual monsoons in Singapore. It is sunny and humid for most of the year and though flip-flops are a far cry from high fashion they make sense in the climate and are preferred overshoes by most locals.


A majority of Singaporeans speak perfect English

Don't stereotype the locals and assume they can't speak English, many tourists make this mistake and the Singaporeans don't appreciate it. The country is multi-ethnic and though Mandarin, Tamil and Malay are the first languages for a majority of people, English is taught at all schools in the country.


Taxis in Singapore are metered and regulated

Asian taxis are notorious for inflating prices but not in Singapore. Taxis must have meters and are regulated strictly by the government. Uber and Grab are also available in the country making hailing a cab a piece of cake.


You can use the train network to get anywhere

The city is small and getting around doesn't usually take much time. The train network in Singapore is extensive and makes life that much easier, you can get anywhere in the city easily and in no time at all.


Wi-Fi hotspots are plentiful

When going to Asia you might worry about connectivity, this will never be an issue in Singapore as there are Wi-Fi hotspots nearly everywhere. You will have no issue being connected on this trip.


Reserve your seat with a pack of tissues

If you decide to go to one of the many hawker centres for a meal lookout for any seats with a packet of tissues on them. This means that the seat is reserved, it is one of the quirkiest habits Singaporeans have. And don't worry this doesn't apply to upscale venues like PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road Singapore; one of the best 4-star hotels in Singapore.


You are not required to tip

Unlike in the west, it is not compulsory for diners to tip the waiting staff, there is generally a 10% service charge that comes with the bill; this is not given to the individual staff though. It is not illegal to tip and if you wish to it will generally be accepted.


Keep to the left when you're going up the escalator

This unspoken rule is the result of an old campaign done in Singapore to promote courtesy amongst people. And when you see people forming a line towards one side of the escalator it means the other side of the escalator is empty if anyone is in a rush.


The art of coffee in Singapore

The traditional coffee in Singapore is brewed black coffee with condensed or evaporated milk and sugar. There are many names for the local variants including Kopi-o which is probably the most famous.


Priority seats

The two corner seats of a row in all buses and trains are reserved for the elderly, pregnant women and handicapped people. It is customary to give your seat if you see someone who needs it more.

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