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5 Things to Do in Koh Samui – The Highlights of a Mesmerizing Island

The island of Koh Samui offers a host of things to do for the visitor. Here you will have the opportunity to visit a waterfall, go on a jungle safari tour, visit the Big Buddha, experience the Secret Buddha Garden, and more.


Visit Namuang Waterfall

There are in fact two Namuang Waterfalls, one being placed beneath the other. You will see that these waterfalls are placed amidst beautiful surroundings in a jungle setting. Visitors will see that one of the waterfalls streams into a little pool where you may take a swim. To reach the other waterfall you must undertake a climb of about half an hour uphill, but you will be rewarded by the sight of this attractive natural feature. Both of the waterfalls are stunning, presenting an entrancing sight for the visitor. On your way to the waterfalls, you will find many attractive spots in addition to souvenir huts and food stalls where you can make any needed purchases.


Take a jungle safari tour

If you love adventure and visiting interesting sites take the opportunity to undertake a thrilling jungle safari tour on a four-wheel-drive vehicle. On your tour, you will ascend and then descend a local mountain, travel through verdant jungle and visit a number of local attractions, all in the safety of a rugged four-wheel-drive vehicle. An interesting attraction that you will visit would be the Grandmother and Grandfather rocks which will bring a smile to the face of the visitor. Another interesting attraction you will experience would be the Mummified Monk which presents an intriguing sight for the sightseer.


See the Big Buddha

The Big Buddha Temple may be considered to be Koh Samui's most renowned and familiar landmark. This iconic statue is located on a small islet which is linked to the island of Koh Samui through a causeway. You will see that the Big Buddha statue which features a seated position stands 12 m in height. When visitors fly into the island of Koh Samui this statue is generally the very first feature that they will notice, because of its eye-catching position. An accommodation choice to consider from which the Big Buddha could easily be visited would be Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort, which may be regarded as a conveniently positioned Samui beach resort.


Experience the Secret Buddha Garden

If you enjoy experiencing unusual and offbeat attractions make it a point to visit the distinctive Secret Buddha Garden. The story of this garden commences in 1976 when local resident Nim Thongsuk commenced collecting an array of attractive statues on his plot of family land. The garden is situated in a secluded position near the centre of Koh Samui, in the midst of verdant forests. You will find that this location is very tranquil, featuring a stream in addition to a waterfall. However since the roadway up to the garden is exceedingly steep, you will probably need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to reach it.


Visit Ang Thong Marine Park

For visitors who appreciate natural beauty and the opportunity to experience marine attractions, a trip to Koh Samui would not be complete without visiting the entrancing Ang Thong Marine Park. Once you are at the marine park you will have the chance to engage in activities such as kayaking across caves and snorkelling amidst entrancing surroundings. You will also have the opportunity to ascend to the well-known viewpoint from where you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the gleaming lake and the numerous islands spread across the nearby area. With so many attractions on offer, a trip to this marine park is sure to be memorable.