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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 06, 2019
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The Top 5 Things to Do and See in Bangkok's Siam - Explore with a twist

If you are visiting a city or a country for the first time and begin to think of all the places you can explore you might get dizzy. To know of the best things to do and see while you are in Siam, read on.


The traditional scenes

Regardless of whether you are in Bangkok for a relaxing holiday or you are put up at a Bangkok business hotel the likes of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel for a formal meeting that you await, you must make time to walk around an explore the city, especially the traditional parts of it. Bangkok has many shrines and temples that speak of the olden days and of how the city came to be. The architecture that is found in these structures can be mind-blowing and show you how life was once back then. Do remember to respect all cultures and remove the footwear if you are entering religious places in Bangkok. Also, remember to dress respectfully.


Jim Thompson's house

This is a mind-boggling museum that is a combination of the West and the East. Belonging to an old American who used to help develop the silk industry in Thailand, Jim Thompson was much respected. The blend of the Thai traditions and the American culture can be seen inside the house as well as in the decoration of the restaurant that can be found right next to the museum. You will be able to explore authentic Thai cuisine while you sip on Western wine. Jim Thompson's house can be found on Rama Road in Bangkok.


The Siam ocean world

Located under the bright and glittering Siam Paragon shopping mall, this ocean world is a must-visit for anybody who is in Bangkok. Being an underground aquarium itself is something that will blow your mind but once you know that this is also the largest aquarium found in all of Asia you will be thunderstruck. This place is an exhibit of fishes and is home to more than 30,000 kinds of marine life that come from different parts of the world. Within the ocean world, you will be able to spot anything and everything from penguins to shock and other colourful creatures.


Heaven Bangkok

Located on 3 floors in the central world shopping Centre amidst the Bangkok city, this is a rooftop bar that is known for its unique and popular cocktails and dining options. You could while away an evening here by chatting with the people you travel with or you can also get to know the people here. This bar is open until 1:00 a.m. usually.


The playhouse theatre cabaret

This is one of the most popular shows that are put up in Bangkok and no traveller must leave Bangkok without witnessing this. There are various dancing and music shows that a performed every night and these range from hip hop to belly and other kinds of traditional dancing. This show is friendly to be people of all ages and during some parts of the year, you will also find magic shows along with Indian Hindi dance performances.