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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 06, 2019
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5 Things You Did Not Know about the Maldives (And You Should) - Knowledge is Wealth, Sometimes

Located just south of Sri Lanka and India, here are a few things you must know about the Maldives. The ultimate vacation destination.


It is not just a honeymoon destination

Though social media and posts might say otherwise, Maldives is not a destination that is meant just for people going on a honeymoon. Do not wait for a wedding or to have a partner so you can travel to this country. This is an amazing place to go to regardless of who you travel with and if you are single and want to go to Maldives with all of your friends, do it. Book yourself a Maldives bungalow the likes of Anantara Veli Maldives Resort and have the most amazing time ever.


It is not an expensive trip

If you plan it right, you can make a Maldives vacation a medium expense trip. When people usually think of the Maldives holiday they tend to only focus on the luxury and the type of expense that cannot be matched by a normal person. So, you wouldn't even bother researching and planning about a trip to the Maldives because you think it is not possible anyway. Though it is true that you won't be able to find budget accommodations on the island like you might in Thailand or Indonesia it is not as expensive as people seem to think it is. If you plan well ahead and book in advance while you make use of the offers and off-season deals you can get accommodation at quite a moderate price.


Alcohol and its limitations

You might already know that the country follows the Islamic rules and regulations and therefore alcohol is strictly prohibited in the country. Do not worry your head over this as travellers can have alcohol on the resort islands and hotels. Make sure you stick to the accommodation area and do not carry alcohol to the main parts of the country, and you will be fine. Similarly, bikinis and other revealing clothes are also okay if you are staying on an island that is dedicated to a hotel. When you are venturing out to explore the capital of Maldives and want to mingle with the natives, it is better that your dress in a conservative way.


Budget holidays are possible in the Maldives

With more and more people opting to travel to Maldives, as the demand to stay in the country is high there far more Accommodations that are being put up in the country, making the options more affordable to some. The exclusive villas and bungalows are always going to be quite expensive but nowadays you can find local guest houses which are quite cheap. Also if you live in Asia and are flying from one of the country's close to the Maldives the flying cost will be cheap too.


You do not have to stay in a resort to enjoy what It has to offer

Not everybody who puts pictures of walking away into the amazing sunset at a resort is actually staying there during the holiday. Some island resorts let you use the facilities for the full day in exchange for a small amount of cash. This would definitely be way less than the accommodation cost and you would still have the benefit of using the alcohol bars, the food, the view, and their swimming pools.