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Interesting Facts of Oman Culture – Exciting Details about Oman

Oman is a popular tourist destination for those who love to explore and also for those who love to shop, but the country is also a cultural hub with great traditions and practices.


One of the oldest countries

Oman is one of the oldest countries that were inhabited by humans. Assumptions have been made that people have been living in Oman for at least 106,000 years. It is a great nation that has a history and civilisation of many centuries. Growth and development are impeccable to see that it is also one of the leading nations in the world today. Oman is also the oldest independent state in the Arab World making it an ancient country with state of the art development in many aspects. The Muscat Clock Tower is known to be the oldest monument in the country and is also a must-visit location in Oman. Arabic and English are both considered first languages in the country as it has many expatriates living in the country who have come from around the world. As a country, Oman is a peaceful and united nation and as hard as it may seem to believe, it is a country where crime is almost non-existent. This main fact describes the element that the country as a nation is happy where the people are content with the status of their lives.


Arabic country

Oman is an Arabic country but there are two other religions, namely Christianity and Hinduism that are practised with peace and dignity. As an Arabic country, since Oman was one of the first few countries that were made an Islamic nation, the country is one of the rather lenient countries when it comes to certain laws and regulations. Most countries have strict laws about covering your shoulders, body and legs when in public. Many a Salalah Beach Resort allows their customers to wear bikinis and beach shorts when on their premises but as a practice tourists do not wear revealing clothes anywhere else. As a cultural practise Omanis do not gather up to talk, meet and mingle in the middle of the road or anywhere other than the Majilis or Sablas. This is where they will talk to people share their life events both happy and sad.


Religion is key

Oman has a conservative Muslim and Arabic culture and as a practice religion is considered holy and regarded very deeply and respected at their highest. One of the most important and significant things about Oman is that you will never be able to find a true Omani consuming liquor or drugs. The religion prohibits them from doing so and they abide by the rule with all their heart. Not that there isn't any alcohol in the country, you are able to find, consume and purchase alcohol but there are rules and regulations pertaining to this matter. If you wish to have or purchase alcohol you need to obtain a liquor license. There are certain procedures and methods that need to be followed in order to acquire this. At locations such as Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara you are able to find liquor as they are hotels which are allowed to serve liquor within their premises.