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Interesting things to Do in Oman – Explore and Enjoy Oman

Oman is one of the oldest nations in the world and the Arabic world and it is no surprise that there are so many interesting things to do and see in Oman.


Explore the architecture

It is said that architecture is one of the proudest developments in a country. The unique structures and handwriting that is developed by the builders and architect of each era are significantly different from time to time. When you visit Oman you get to see how the architectural styles have changed from time to time along with the lifestyles and the practices that are common during that time. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is one of the most breath-taking structures that Oman is extremely proud of.


Learn about the history

Oman has a rich history as it is known as one of the first countries to be inhabited. It is said that humans have been living in these lands for more than 106,000 years. Since then the country has a great history of development which has brought it to this wonderful nation it is today. One of the ways in which you can explore history is going to the forts that are built around the city. The Nizwa Fort is one of the most popular forts and most prestigious. You are able to climb to the top of the 34-meter tower from which you can get a stunning look of the city at a glance. Having been built in the 17th century, it is said that it took 12 years to complete the construction of the fort. Having identified and understood the value of the historical locations the Omani government does a commendable job in maintaining and restoring these historically and culturally important buildings. There are displays arranged in the rooms of the fort to give people an idea as to how they used to live back in the golden days.


Enjoy the beaches

When you say beaches you imagine golden sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters spreading into the far horizon merging with the sky. However, there are many different types of beaches when you say beaches in Oman. The most delightful beaches are the ones which are located around deserts. It is a sea of sand set alongside the ocean which is beautiful and peaceful. Apart from the desert beaches and the flat sandy beaches you also come across beaches that are covered in shells. During the low tide, the water level decreases to a level that allows you to walk from one shore to another. Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort is located near a beach that is one of the most picturesque sea shell beaches in Oman.


Desert safaris

It does not come as a surprise that most of Oman is covered with desert. There are many desert safaris and tours that you can take when in Oman. Any Oman resort is able to organise a desert safari to experience the once in lifetime tors and desert dunes in the country. There are many deserts you can visit to enjoy this excursion but the Wahiba Sands which is located only a few hours away from the main city is the most popular location.