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Best Seasons to Visit Bangkok – Best Times to Visit Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world and is also one of the popular locations that you can visit all year-round.


Tourist season

Bangkok is known as a tropical destination that you can visit all year round. During all twelve months of the year, you can visit the city and enjoy various specialities. December to February is considered the cold months in Bangkok where there is a high number of tourists coming into the city to enjoy Bangkok to its fullest. The weather is most suited during this time of the year for sightseeing, shopping and all the other excursions that you can try in Bangkok. However, this time is also the most expensive time to travel to the city as the footfall is high. Most of the hotels get booked months in advance and the flights are booked around the same time. The closer you get to the date you are booking the dates for, the more expensive the lodging and flight tickets are so people tend to reserve their dates well in advance. Book a Chao Phraya cruise in Bangkok before you arrive in Thailand. Since this is the busiest time of the year and the most expensive time if you are not willing to walk among crowds and spend too much you can opt to travel to Bangkok during a different time of the year.



The offseason in Bangkok is considered to be from May to October. The sun is shining and the weather is warm but you can expect some showers due to the Monsoon rains. Rainy season in Bangkok is not too drastic. You are able to go out and about to look around the city, try different excursions and on top of the general activities Manohra Cruises have tactfully come up with different expeditions that are suitable for the rainy season. If you are not a people person and prefer to look around and enjoy your trips at your own sweet pace and time, you would prefer travelling to Bangkok during the offseason. Another advantage of travelling during this time of the year is that the prices are much less than they are during any other time of the year. Since there are not many people who would prefer coming during the rainy season, in order to attract customers to come in, hotels, resorts, excursions and even tour guides reduce the prices by giving massive discounts. If you are travelling during the months of May to October it is important to carry a cover-up or a jacket that can keep you warm during the nights. Even though it might be warm during day time, the temperature is likely to drop towards nightfall.


Festive season

The festive season is considered to be the hottest time of the year. Not many tourists used to come to the city during this time due to the weather but this trend is changing and people are inquisitive to learn about cultures, traditions and practices of different countries and ethnicities. During the festive season, locals come from around the world to celebrate the festivals with their families.