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10 Dishes to Try on Your Holiday in Hong Kong - Top 10 Hong Kong Delicacies Every Traveller Should Sample

Tipped to be one of Asia's top foodie destinations, Hong Kong is a dream come true for food lovers the world over. Here are ten dishes every traveller must dig into during a holiday in the country.


Dim Sums

As a signature Chinese dish every visitor should sample in Hong Kong, the best place to grab a plate of steaming hot dim sums is undoubtedly Tim Ho Wan. The Michelin starred restaurant not only served its own varieties of dim sums but is also among the few affordable fine dining hubs in Hong Kong.


Egg Tarts

This Hong Kong classic was the absolute favourite of Chris Patten, the country's former British Governor and the wholesome snack remains a popular dish among locals and tourists who frequent the Tai Cheong Bakery where long queues of egg tart fanatics are found every day. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea, the tarts and the bakery have become household names among frequent visitors to Hong Kong.


Curry Fish Balls

As a street food that's enjoyed by locals, as well as expats, the inexpensive but flavourful curry fish balls, are dipped in a special sauce before consumption. Stalls selling this crunchy and spicy dish are found in Dundas Square Mongkok.


Coconut Juice

Often described as one of the most refreshing and healthy beverages available in Hong Kong, the juice of a king coconut can help visitors beat dehydration instantly. Rich and buttery in taste, the beverage is consumed as it is or infused with evaporated milk to create a creamy favour. Served from 10 am to 9 pm at King of Coconut in Mongkok, the drink is worth sampling even if one is not a fan of coconuts.


Shrimp Wontons

Crispy and delicious, the deep-fried shrimp wontons are both a snack and appetizer served in restaurants such as Mak Man Kee Noodle and elsewhere in the island nation. What gives the dish its distinct flavour is the freshness of the shrimp that's used in the recipe. Most shrimp wonton hubs in the city are part of a grand franchise owned by the Mak family.


Hong Kong Milk Tea

Tea fans and coffee addicts alike should try a cup of Hong Kong Milk Tea at least once during their trip to the country. A staple at venues such as Australia Dairy Hong Kong, the creamy beverage is the ideal pick-me-up in the afternoon. Typically enjoyed with toast and eggs, locals also have a cup of Hong Kong Milk Tea with breakfast.


Cheese Noodles

Heading down to Wan Chai's Sun Kee Restaurant for a classic bowl of Cheese noodles is a rite of passage for those visiting the island nation as converting simplistic instant noodle dishes into mouth-watering delights is a local speciality.


Pineapple Buns

Although there's not a hint of pineapple in it, Hong Kong's Pineapple Bun or Bo Lo Bao resembles the tangy fruit in every other respect. Baked to perfection, the snack is another tea time snack which has been infused with dollops of butter that melt in the mouth with every bite. Visitors based at The Murray Hong Kong or any similar hotels near restaurants in Central Hong Kong will have a chance to grab this delicious treat.


Steam Milk

As a dessert that's the perfect fix for dairy fans, steam milk dishes combine milk, egg whites and sugar to create delectable treats. Ginger milk custards and double-boiled steam are other variations of this local delicacy.



With the shape of a honeycomb, egg waffles or eggettes are another local staple in Hong Kong. Served at North Point Eggette and other bakeries, the waffles are fluffy and crunchy.

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