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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 06, 2019
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Must-Try Food in Abu Dhabi - Get your bibs on!

When you are on a holiday at a place like Abu Dhabi your mind to be overwhelmed by the choice of meals and yummy dishes that are provided. To know how to pick and try the best of the lot, read on.



This is a traditional yet simple dish which is made of meat usually, chicken, salt and wheat. Cooking this dish takes quite a while but once you taste it, you will know that it is worth the wait. In Abu Dhabi, you will find this dish at special meals and functions like religious festivals and weddings. You place ground wheat in a pot, add a little bit of salt to it and then add the chicken, let it simmer for a while and once it is done cooking, the meat would have blended with the wheat. For the simple cook to understand, this is something like making pulled chicken but with a few differences.



Compared the first dish on the list this is fairly simple to make it as just basically rice and meat. This might sound bland to you but do not forget that all food in Abu Dhabi is made with amazing spices. Most top restaurants in Abu Dhabi the likes found at Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi Hotel, for instance, will have and serve their own version of this dish. You will find that the meat used in this dish will vary depending on which part of Abu Dhabi you are in. It could be goat, beef, lamb, chicken or even seafood in some places.



This is a favourite dish for many natives love food as it is a simple meat soup. Again, you must not forget that though the making was simple the meal does come with its own share of spicy blends and local herbs. This gives an amazing flavour to the broth and for a rainy day back home you can learn how to make this so you remember your holiday in your own living room.



The main ingredient in most Emirati food is fresh seafood. Fish found in all sizes, shapes and colours can be bought at the local markets and are later simmered, boiled, grilled or poached. This dish can be prepared using any kind of fish that has been cured with salt. The process of making this fish ready for the meal is considered quite a delicacy all across the United Arab Emirates. The dish is not as salty as you think it will be so you definitely must try it and not judge it before you do.



To top off all the meals you have in any country you definitely must have a dessert. Such a popular dessert in Abu Dhabi is a kind of dough fried balls that are drizzled with syrup made of dates. If you are from a western country you would find that this is quite similar to doughnut holes. This dish comes with its own twist on doughnut holes because, again, it has local spices and ingredients like saffron in it.